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Monday, March 27, 2006

Comment Censoring Means Death?

Followers of the previous incarnation of JacekWatch will almost definately know how our favourite netizen censors people's comments like there's no tomorrow.

So why is it that today our pal decided to have a bit of a rant at comment censoring?

Some people think that they already have enough contacts - in their professional area or among group (like Microsoft MVPs) - so that they don’t need commenting feature on their websites! Mistake! … because it means closeness and resisting change (main element and rationale of life). It means death.

Similarly censoring comments is deadly.

If that were true, I think Jacek would have been six feet under many months ago. And we wouldn't have to maintain blogs like this! ;-)

If you'd like to get a first-hand idea of the comment censoring that he does, go and post a message on MSMobiles with any of of the following:
  • A link to this blog (100% guarantee).
  • His full name.
  • His old online handle, "jpzr", which a lot of past victims of Jacek's antics still associate him with.
  • A comment about his famous Finland rant, or similar.
The list doesn't stop there but you get the idea.