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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm Right, You're Wrong. LaLaLa I Can't Hear You

If proof were ever needed that Jacek could never admit when he was beat, then THIS is surely it. It is plainly obvious that nedge2k and d0pefish are right but will Jacek let it lie...will he heck.

"please stop justifying mistakes of Microsoft, nedge2k! Mistakes are mistakes and one can put these features and just disable them by default - giving the choice and responsibility to the user. Totally not placing these features is a mistake and all justifications are just bullsh-tting."
"YOU don't have a respect for end users of Windows Mobile phones - you just want to brownnose Microsoft to get MVP. Sorry but bullsh-tting is forbidden on . [...] nedge2k, your desire to get MVP blinded you and it is YOU who has no clue whatsoever what customers need"
"nedge2k is wrong. Seeking justifications for mistakes is one of main reaons why Microsoft is not releasing some new features - because Microsoft is blinded by MVPs and by brownnosers like nedge2k!"
"I don't know anymore. I will research this issue in details in coming months. For now: I shut up."

I could go on but I urge you to read the thread, it's makes for quite amusing reading.