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Friday, June 23, 2006

Wikipedia is evil...apparently

Jacek is now proclaiming that Wikipedia is "evil". Why? Basically: Peter Rojas (editor in chief of Engadget) had a page about himself on there and it was removed because some felt he was not notable. He didnt mind this but someone thought it would be funny to write another page about him. He didn't really want it there and, long story short, it's been marked for deletion.

Of course because Wikipedia are removing it they are "evil" according to Jacek. Now thats no strictly the reason we think Jacek has for Wikipedia being "evil". No, we think it has more to do with the page that he wrote about himself that was deleted because he was "not notable" and the article he wrote was clearly biased towards him and "vain".

By the way Jacek, quote marks are used for quotes of what people ACTUALLY say, not your interpretation of what they say!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I love Adam, I hate Adam

Well, Jacek's been behaving again recently so we havent had much to post about. This is a good thing. The sooner he stops his attacks completely, the sooner we'll stop posting altogether.

However, as you can see above, he hasnt stopped quite yet...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Goat Fiddler On The Roof

Haven't checked Roger's blog in a while but found this great little picture he made of CSB today and thought we'd better put it up before he takes down all Jacek related stuff (which apparently he is)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

(Yet) More Libel From Jacek

Speaks for itself really doesn't it. When will he learn...


Say no to

Do you see what we see?

Thanks to "The Supporter" for the tip :)


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Comments Moderated (repost)

Thanks to "Stuart Storey" and "Alphaslash" comments on this site are now moderated.

Sorry the rest of you have to put up with this. As soon as these idiots give up and go away normal service will resume. Why are we doing this? Well, Jacek is the enemy here, not us. We didnt tell people to post on and it is not our fault comments on have now been switched off. We're fed up of the abusive posts made by these small minded Jacek fanboys and we warned that if they continued to abuse this site and it's readers then we would start moderating the we have.

Rest assured, only posts from people like them will be deleted. Posts from everyone else (including Jacek) will be allowed.

Ask Jacek (repost)

As the title suggests, if you could ask Jacek anything, what would it be? You never know, he might answer!

You can either ask your question by commenting on this post or via the "contact us" form. All questions will be

added to this post and we'll probably stick it at the top of the sidebar ;)

Questions for Jacek:
Anonymous said...

Jacek, which of your many experiences made you such a nasty and rude guy? Couldn't be the communism only you grew

up with, otherwise all other *Eastern Europeans* would be as nasty and rude as you which they aren't.
Please tell us!

Leonard henry said...

* Jacek, why do you remove references to your country while you almost always make references to other

people's countries?

* Why do you use Yahoo advertising after repeatedly accusing Yahoo of breaching human rights and telling us

not to use Yahoo?

* Why do you remove references to your name?

* Do you accept that what you have censored as 'libel' or 'slander' is no more abusive and no less

substantial than much of what you have said about others? If not, why?

* What is your definition of libel?

* What is your definition of slander?

* What do you feel you need in order to believe something is 'true'?

* Do you even slightly understand why websites like this exist (it's not jealousy - there are far more

succesful people than you and they don't have 'watch' sites)?

* Do you think that you are achieving your maximum potential on the path which you have chosen for yourself?

finland rules said...

Jacek, can you please explain once more why Windows Mobile is better than Symbian?

Elaine said...

Jacek, do you really perceive yourself as happy? content? at peace with man and/or God (in whatever form you

prefer)? What of value are you offering others of yourself?

Anonymous said...

Now jacek i see you must be pleased with your self " from ...I’ve turned off the option to leave

comments on for now. The discussion became stupid and was completely hijacked. I’ll turn them on again

after all this goes away" you are turning everyone away from you if its not cuurys site its his daughters site

you put your wierd comments when will theis end ? and when will you get a life?

Finland Rules said...

Why is your English vocabulary not improving? This page was not updates in a long time.

Floating Rebel said...

Jacek, why is it that when I quoted you here as saying;

"stupid ideological fanatism that some company is “evil” but their beloved company is pure good, etc etc."

and pointed out that you have often said that Nokia is evil, and Yahoo, that you censored it and called it

'Stupid Libel"?

Why was it stupid and where was the libel?

"Adam Curry" said...

Jacek, how should your name be pronounced (for when I put mention it in my podcasts)?

a) Jay-sek
b) Jar-sek
c) Jay-kek
d) Jar-kek
e) Something else (like 'plonker')?

The Floating Rebel said...

Jacek, have you learned your lesson yet? Destruction is all around you and you have no rest. If you stop and

learn from it, the people at JacekWatch will stop giving you a hard time

Anonymous said...

Oh, I had one....

Since you are so willing to call people out about using libellous phrases about you, when are you going to actually file a civil suit against these people? I've been waiting to hire a lawyer just for your suit against me!

Archive Footage (repost)

Whilst searching for something earlier, we came across these two links to the original jacekwatch blog which is now in the hands of the man himself, Jacek Rutkowski. Don't you just love google's cache... April 2005 February 2005

If you find any more, let us know!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More rants from Jacek

Walter S. Mossberg from WSJ hates Microsoft

June 11th, 2006

…. when he writes again things like:

While the Q keyboard is larger than the Treo’s, we actually found it worse for typing.

it has a scroll wheel and back button on the right edge. The Q’s keyboard has more space between each key than most smartphones, but the rounded shape of the keys themselves makes them uncomfortable to use for more than a few sentences of email.

… what indicates that Q’s keyboard is useless for typing. This is very harsh judgement - it is like saying that “this Porsche car is useless for drivng, after 5 miles you just can’t drive with it”. QWERTY keyboard of Q is main argument for Q, etc and saying that it is useless is really very strong opinion.

I was playing with Q very shortly only so I can’t sure for sure, but I dunno whether Mossberg is right not. Maybe he is. It would mean disaster for Motorola :-( and quite scary.

So, let's get this straight, he hates Microsoft because the Moto Q has a shit keyboard? Riiiight.

After posting on to inform Adam and his loyal readers that our quarrel with Jacek will no longer be infringing on their enjoymentment of Adam's podcast, we came across the following:

Elaine says:
Well, as a non-member of the Jacekwatch crowd but not appreciating him either, I’ll be curious how this plays out on DSC. All politics aside, I simple do not enjoy CSB’s contributions. His language is gratuitously foul with no benefit of humor or emphasis. His comments are banal, often outright offensive and uninteresting and his voice grates on my nerves worse than that stupid mind control stuff Adam played a while back. Maybe I’m the only one who finds his “contributions” lacking value to the show. I can always listen to other podcasts I suppose. I’d sure miss hearing Patricia though. :)

To which Jacek replied:
Elaine: the fact is that Roger Smalls is a physical real life stalker, who was coming near house of Adam Curry and sniffing on him and his wife in real life, etc. His comment may sound amusing sometimes, but he is doing it at cost of other people, i.e. by damaging other people. Your only if not main motivation of your negative comments about me is thinking that I am jealous of Roger Smalls or something, that I am not - and if only he would not be publishing libel against me and my compatriots I wouldnm’t mind him at all. As far as my audio comments being interesting or contributing enough - well, many people find them unique and valueable and interesting… and sometimes totally unforgettable. Unlike Roger Smalls who lives with his mum whole life in one place, I am travelling a lot and I was living in various countries (6) and speaking various languages (5) - so I have some broader point of view than some other people. Finally I don’t force AdamC to play my audio comments at all - actually as I told him before: if he will stop playing my audio comments in given month, I will stop sending them and I see no problem with it - after all it was AdamC who invited me in past to send these audio comments in first place.

So chill out, Elaine, and stop judging me on based on your ignorance.

Erm...did you see Elaine mention Roger Smalls? No, we didn't either. Anyway, Elaine replies:
Jacek, this may come as somewhat foreign to you but I have grown up in a free country all my life. I am accustomed to free speach and free thought. Freedom from having anyone else tell ME what my thoughts mean and why I hold a certain opinion or what my motivation is. Did I say one word about Roger Smalls in my comment? No. I expressed MY OPINION in a calm and neutral manner regarding what *I* think of your contributions. The fact that other people, even YOU, hold opposing views does not change my opinion, nor does it make mine invalid. If I judge you at all, it is based on exactly the sort of condescending, erroneous, racist and sexist type of tripe you spew. Your response to my comment would be a perfect example. You have now made libelous and unverified and ILLEGAL accusations about another person and you continue to go out of your way to be offensive. You are a very petty and small minded human being.

Jacek replies:
Elaine : it is me who is “petty and small minded”? YOU YOU YOU were posting libel about me in comments to various blogs BEFORE I answered above to your comment, so it is in fact you who is petty small minded ignorant bigot.

Racist and sexist? WTF? Elaine: stop spreading lies again.

Lies? What lies? To round things off, The Deleted Turnip had this to say:
The problem many people have with Jacek has little to do with what he does here, or even his Comic Strip Blog (although that is often quite offensive); It’s his blog and commercial site ( where he accuses women of getting good jobs based on their husbands’ string pulling, calling for people to be sacked just because he disagrees with their ‘design decisions’ and outright abuses people who Microsoft has recognised as being key contributors to its software and hardware product communites.

It wasn’t fair on Adam Curry that things should spill into this forum, but just so that people get a background into the frustration many have with Jacek, it’s only fair to explain - and don’t take my word for it, it’s all there for you read for yourself. Calling people drunkards, calling people shit, publishing their names and photos with a brief ’synopsis’ of their ‘qualities’ (for example -> ), declaring whole nations as boorish or a European disease (Finland and France - which would be funny in a comedy context, but Jacek is serious). It goes on.

While you can maybe blame JacekWatch for being childish in bringing the argument here, you can’t blame JacekWatch for the sheer frustration of having every post that questions Jacek’s motive censored and replaced with ‘libel removed’, even when you know, hand-on-heart, that there was no libel… and it’s worse again when Jacek claims that there is no censorship at all on his site… and that what he removes is exactly the same as what he puts on himself.

Anybody who dares to disagree with Jacek get blasted out of a website for being evil and anti-Microsoft. Let the facts speak for themselves, and (if you’re interested in the truth), do some research of your own but I’m glad that it’s died down here.

Over to you Jacek…. anything to add?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Comic Strip Bloger (notice the 1 "G")

We just thought we'd take some time to mention the utterly hilarious comments of "Comic Strip Bloger":

Please note: Above comments at 12:08 and 14:34 do not represent me or my Penis.

What I do with my Penis is my own business and AdamC has no desire to have my Penis brought up in his blog.

Doom awaits those who mock my Penis and they know that it is coming (Please note: Doom is coming and not my Penis).

Please note, all comments made by someone with a different name than mine are made by someone who is not me. Only comments made by me (and not my Penis) should be read.

Also please note, I am using bluetooth keyboard and anybody who is not using it is idiot.

I hate bluetooth keyboards because they are blue and made of teeth. No they’re not! I love them, but not chickens or ducks.

Please note, if I was Comic Strip Blogger, I would call myself Comic Strip Blogger. I am not, therefore please ignore people who say I am not them because there are many people I am not, including; Adam Curry, George Clooney, Tony Blair, Norah Jones, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, The Pope, Jennifer Anniston or Joan Collins.

I am none of these (I would like to be Adam Curry).
I love welsh people, but not as much as I love English and Scottish. Welsh people are lovers of sheep! I love goats, but sheep are nice, but not as nice as goats. Adam Curry, have you been to Wales? I can meet you there Adam Curry if you want a Polish escort (please note: escort is not a car in instance here). I love Uk more than I love shoes but not more than mobile phones.

Please ignore this message. It is a test for new Curry Reader, software I am developing with advanced AI and different fonts for Windows Mobile.

I do not wish to take attention from glory of Adam Curry, therefore I ask you to ignore this comment which is test. I love Java, it is good. But I hate it too. No I don’t! Ignore that! I do not exist! I am seeing future now! I know where you all are!

This is another testie! Please ignore my testies. They are here for my purposes and not for Adam’s attention.

Yes they are! Stop lying!
Lovin' your work fella ;)

Roger Smalls' blog is back

Looks like it WAS Roger himself who took down the blog as he was worried about being reported to the Police by Jacek. If we're not worried about Jacek, why should he? Trust us Roger, it's all good in the hood ;)

Oh, by the way, we are all big Windows Mobile fans here but Nokia, if you're watching, can we get an N91 too? :P


It would seem someone has been trying to get our password using the "forgotten password?" feature of blogger. Whoever did this must be either very naive in how these systems work or very stupid.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our readers speak out

Now, we seem to be comming under a bit of fire here from one or possibly more people. Then again it could just be Jacek pretending but hey, it's not really bothering us and unlike Jacek we won't be deleting the criticism because, well, we can take it. We would, however, like to try and educate these "people" in why this site exists (again).

The reason this post is called "Our readers speak out" is because not only have they lept to our defense (lovin your work guys) but they have been making some very valid points in trying to educate these Jacek "sympathizers" in why this site is here.

The following comments are from our readers, they are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They are in no way libelous and most even offer evidence to back up what they are saying:

Comment 1 is from this post (comment 7):
Have you seen what he does in the Windows Mobile community (his primary area of operation)?

He has accused women of reaching good positions in a company because their husbands pulled strings.

He has publicly called for the sacking of people like Russell Beattie, Robert Scoble and various others simply because they did something he doesn't like.

He has publicly proclaimed that the Nokia CEO is a drunkard (you think it's not serious?) based on the fact that he saw him drunk one night (on those grounds, the whole of the UK are drunkards).

He has made statements questioning the sexual orientation of verious people who run communities which are in direct competition with Microsoft. Like, what's that got to do with anything? Who cares if someone's gay or not? Jacek cares!

He has published photos of people and called them criminals with no evidence whatsoever.

When discussing a technology or a technology reviewer, his assesment of that person is heaviliy influenced by their ethnic origin. Why? I don't care if someone's black or white, European or friggin' martian as long as they write good reviews.

He is aching to obtain the MVP award for his work. If sheer quantity was the the only criteria, he would have won. So why do you think that Microsoft hasn't given him the award? He insults, derides and loathes those who Microsoft has recognised and attempts to get them removed despite their positive contribution.

He has accused people of selling out by receiving gifts from Microsoft (free flights to conferences, free mobile devices etc) yet he has received similar things from other companies. Why is it different?

All of this can be seen on his blog and his commercial website. Just look and you will see (I have provided a small number of links below); (personal insults against Arne Hess)

How can someone like that be respected?
Comment 2 is from this post (comment 5):
Take a look at this post (for example) ->

"Frenchies are disease of European Union… and believe me: Englishmen are not alone… if you catch my drift"

.. that last part being a reference to the apparent hatred English people feel toward France.

So what we have here is a statement that Jacek hates the French and that the French are a disease.
Comment 3 is from this post (comment 5):
Hey Anonymous, have you any idea how much damage he has done with his racist and abusive web content over the years?

Are you aware of how many people he has threatened, even people who have nothing to do with anything internet?

Are you aware of his declarations and his hypocricy? have you not seen him condemn Yahoo! for being evil in helping the Chinese government and tell people they should not use Yahoo! services yet use yahoo! himself to make money?

Have you not seen how he publicly calls for people to be sacked from their jobs because they don't see mobile phones as he does?
We could go on but really, do we need to?

This post will be linked to at the top of this sites sidebar so anyone who wants/needs evidence of Jacek's behaviour can see some easily. Should you ever be attacked for your views on Jacek then please feel free to show your attacker this post (that includes Jacek).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers for their support and insightful comments. You guys rock!
"Don't let the barstards grind you down"

What is wrong

...with this screen grab of Roger Smalls' blog

Saturday, June 10, 2006

A reminder to Jacek

Jacek, while our repressed love for you is great, we do feel that we should point a few things out to you: We have legal representation, there is nothing illegal in what we do and if you really did have the balls to sue us not only would we (as a collective) counter-sue for various counts of deformation of character, we would also bring your famous Finnish rant to the attention of the authorites. Wonder what they'd make of it?

Do you think we're stupid Jacek? Do you really belive that any court of law would take anything you say seriously after we have provided them with evidence of your behaviour?

Give it up Jacek. You don't have the power, right or money to sue anyone. Your constant bluffing just makes you look worse.

Oh and just in case you thought you'd managed to remove all traces of your rant from the internet...guess again ;)

All you have to do is stop attacking people and we'll have nothing to write about. The only person "destroying your life" is you. Think about it.

Jacek vs Roger

Jacek is up to his old tricks again with Roger Smalls. This time he has threatened to report him "to police in Guildford for spreading racial hatred towards Polish people"

So what has sparked this off you ask? Well, Roger decided to defend himself and of course we all know that if you defend yourself to Jacek, it only makes things worse...
comic strip blogger now wants to sue me for being racist and call the police. i find this very confusing

"be careful about what you write because racial-based hate speech is forbidden in UK and your writtings with lies attack not just me personally but also my nationality what can be considred as something that applies in the new laws designed to combat racial hatred speech. In other words: you broke the UK law, Roger."

i fail what i have written being against poland. i love poland and the loose rules aobut pornography they have. if anything i am upset with this miserable dive of a country that I'm stuck in. i dont hate poland. just you and your creepy kebab shop owners voice. you are nasty to poeple who i love. i have far too many other legal worries to be concerned with right now, this time prison wont frighten me. if you want to sue me for any money then good luck as i have none. ironically the most expensive thing you could take would be my new nokia. i have googled you and noticed that you say the nastiest things about people, when they defend themselves (like my post yesterday) you claim they are rasist and threaten to sue them. but i dont have anything in life for you to take, i am already over 9 thousand pounds in debt. so if you want a proper mobile phone that badly just go out and buy one rather that carry on acting like a knob.

"I will not report your to police and not sue you Roger - out of respect for Adam Curry"

i would love to be a fly on the wall with that conversation:

CSB - Hello police? I would like to report a crime

999 - Whats the emergency?

CSB - Someone said that I like buggering goats on a blog

999 - Holy crap. Where are you sir for such a henus crime to occur? We'll call out the swat team right away as this is a matter of national security.

CSB - thanks. i couldn't sleep at night knowing that people out there actaully have me down as a goat-fiddler.

999 - Yes, i'm so glad you reported this major catasphory to the police, i bet that you must be concerned that Adam Curry has lost respect for you though.

CSB - absolutly. Now I'm off to rim a ewe.

CSB: Popular?

We're starting to get the feeling that it's not only Jacek that is pissed off about this site! It would seem that Jacek's alias of Comic Strip Blogger (CSB) actually has some fans and a couple of them are being quite vocal about it.

Our message to these poor deluded people is this: you obviously don't know this guy as well as you think. You may find his rants on amusing but you have no idea of this guy's history. There is a good reason for this site and the others before it. The man abuses his position on the internet and frequently attacks people for no good reason.

Contributors and supporters of this site know first hand how abusive he can be. They know what he does is wrong but unfortunately cannot always speak out publically for fear of looking as unprofessional as him or incuring further rath.

You want to know why we have to do this anonymously? Well, we don't really relish the idea of Jacek making abusive phone calls to our homes at all hours of the day and night as he has done in the past.

At the end of the day it comes down to this: Jacek Rutkowski can dish it out but cannot take it. He is a bully and if you dare to defend yourself, his abuse just gets worse.

"...we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender..."

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Contact Us: Up

Ok, it's back up but using the crappy bravenet thing.


Isn't it funny how whenever someone posts an item saying "this is a test post, ignore it" it suddenly becomes highly popular and, in the case of Jacek, becomes one hell of a piss-taking session...

The following posts are taken from this topic:
Comic Strip Todger
June 7, 2006 | 12:31 pm

Give me job on your podcast Adam Curry. You are evil not publishing all my audio comments - I am contributing to Podcast community more than anybody and you should reward me - and not with kiss.

Who is Leroy Browning then Adam Curry? I know - I have seen his name in your letters. No I haven’t. I am your favourite, right, Adam Curry?

I shall draw Comic Strip of you playing cricket with Roo Lakky.

Comic Strip Blogger
June 7, 2006 | 6:04 pm

just a reminder: above: it wasn’t me.

Comic Strip Todger
June 7, 2006 | 6:46 pm

Just a note: Comic Strip Blogger is not me. I am Windows Mobile expert and not called Jacek Rutkowski. I love him, I am not him though he apes me on this web site.

June 7, 2006 | 7:10 pm

jealousy causes people to do evil stuff.

Comic Strip Todger
June 7, 2006 | 7:18 pm

Comic Strip Dude: I agree. I know people that are evil against others because they do well in companies like Microsoft and Yahoo! And publicly call for them to be fired. They even do comic strips calling people shit. That is so nasty.

You are correct. Well done. That is why I love you and your animals. How is your farm?

June 7, 2006 | 7:29 pm

not jealousy you stupid Todger, but need to expose that these people were/are lying… = defense.

June 7, 2006 | 8:41 pm

Comic Strip Blogger: You are doing libel against me by calling me a stupid todger. Lies! You are telling lies and I hate you but you can be my friend if you want.

How is it that it’s Ok for you to expose people but when people expose you (for example: ), you call it lies, slander and libel?

Anyway, only stupid people don’t use microsoft and I heard that Comic Strip Blogger uses a Nokia phone, a 3210! Phones are important for life and you cannot be alive unless you have phone that can download your synaptic patters and represent them on grid of Microsoft Windows Mobile for Devices Version 3.213 (with latest firmware for support of Bluetooth Stereo).

Adam Curry, I am not Comic Strip Blogger and I apologise for the impostor. I love you Adam Curry and would buy for you Stereo Bluetooth Headset because if you don’t have one, then you are fool because you are saying “I don’t need Stereo Bluetooth for my phone” when everybody knows that everybody does.

I have not gone to anybody’s house and it is evil liars that say I have. I have never gone to your house or anybodu else’s house. I have not even gone to my house. I am nowhere near anybody’s house and anybody who says otherwise is evil and I will kick him in the neck with me stereo camera and MiniSD card with sharp edges.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT USE MicroSD! IT IS EVIL!!!!!! Never use it! Never use Yahoo! services either because Yahoo! is evil and it employs evil people. I only use Yahoo! on my website becvause it offers the best money, but you should never use yahoo! on your website. I know because I have seen the future with my crystal balls.

I love my balls, but I hate them too because they told me wrong name of Pope. But I have bad eyes and could not read my balls properly. I love my balls, but I hate them just as much.

June 7, 2006 | 8:52 pm

people who anonymously are doing harm to other people - like the guy from the post above - will go to hell. In more senses than one.

Oh and there's more! Check out this thread, this one and this one too!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jacek gets a taste of his own medicine...

...and doesn't like it:
message to Roger Smalls: stop attacking me - I removed that commic strip that was ofending you although it was “Roger Squals” and you were not mentioned by name. So stop attacking me please roger!
We haven't had a chance to check it out, but we assume Roger made an audio comment in Adam Curry's podcast that Jacek didn't take kindly to...