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Thursday, July 27, 2006

RSS for Comments!

You asked and we have complied! An RSS feed of the comments made here on JW:TR is now available for all :D

For now you can get it HERE. We'll add it to the sidebar soon!

Now, the other request we've had recently is a back-link in the new comments system. Unfortunately we can't edit the template for the comments page with our free account so for the moment, no back-link. However, it's only $12 a year for a premium account so it's something we'll consider.

If you guys have any other suggestions, fire away!

How-To: Pronounce Jacek

From the man himself on Adam Curry's podcast here's how to pronounce Jacek:

Catsick! Sorry, Yatsick :P

Now, we always thought it was Ja-kek. Some thought it was Ya-sek but apparently it actually is Yat-sick. Well, you learn something new everyday!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

There's a new blog in town...

At first we didn't see a point in yet another blog dedicated to exposing Jacek. We thought we'd been doing quite a good job at that ourselves but this new blog is about ComicStripBlogger (CSB), one of Jacek's alter-egos. Now, regular readers will know, we here at JW:TR are firmly grounded in the WM community and rarely venture into the podacasting community where Jacek has been lurking as CSB. Hence why we think a blog dedicated to "CSB" is a good thing and it helps takes some of the pressure off us too ;)

Head on over to and show your support! Oh and a few tips for whoever is behind that blog: Change your comments system to haloscan to avoid the spam from certain small minded individuals. Sort out some way of letting people contact you with tips. Get a stat counter so Jacek can see how many "fans" he has. Get some decent syndication sorted, RSS is your friend. Oh and loose the blue bar at the top ;) Good luck, you'll need it!


Jacek continues to believe that the reason "muppets" and "jerks" continue to "attack" him is jealousy. Seriously, what planet is this guy on? What exactly does he have for anyone to be jealous of?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where will it end?

Surprisingly, Jacek has now removed all the offensive posts he wrote on his blog about nedge2k. Unfortunately, in private, he is still bitching about him and threatening to call the Police, his family etc. unless he removes the chat logs and his posts. Basically, Jacek is blackmailing nedge2k. nedge2k has said that if this behaviour continues, he will be forced to bring this matter to the attention of the German police. We think he should do it.

In other news, Jacek has now posted on his blog that he will no longer write about Microsoft MVPs and concentrate instead on "end users". Looks like some good has come out of this afterall...but how long will it last?

Monday, July 24, 2006

That'll be war then!

Well, we expected some kind of reaction from Jacek about the logs nedge2k sent us but we didn't expect this...

First there was this:

About nedge2k = Alex Abraham

July 24th, 2006

nedge2k (known in real life as Alex Abraham) until recently was writing for website owned by Marc Pell. Seing that he has no chances to get MVP just writing for, he moved to owned by Paul O’Brien. At Modaco there are already 3 MVPs: Paul O’Brien, Awarner (Ashley Warner) and Monolitix (Chris Brunskill)… so by being active news writer for Modaco and forum contributor for Modaco nedge2k wanted to get MVP quickly (much faster than at website). All people mentioned above are located in UK. Please note: I never had problems with nobody from above mentioned people - nobody except for nedge2k. All these people - except for nedge2k - were very OK - very helpful and friendly and very useful not just for me as Windows Mobile fan, but for whole Windows Mobile community (end users and activists) without being negative, etc. My only problem is nedge2k and HIS nasty behavior.

I have never written anything negative about nedge2k in public - never ever. The only place where I mentioned nedge2k was in positive light: in news stories that linked to articles about windows Mobile (see point 8 below). I was someteimes expressing in public (like on this MPF blog) some general remarks about people - without mentioning any names - remarks that nedge2k all of a sudden thought, that they are directed at him. These remarks were directed at MANY people, also at some people from USA and other countries than UK. So despite the fact that I have NOT mentioned nedge2k by name in public, he started spreading libel about me in public by sending this libel through email to libel blog for publication, and by posting it in comments on other blogs.

Furthermore I have a principle that I NEVER EVER publish private emails and private instant messaging (I.M.) communication. So poeople can talk by email and by I.M. with me without any limits and without any fear and people can be certain (!) that I will not publish these private communications (whether email, I.M., phone calls, Skype calls, video calls, whatever) - NEVER EVER, NOWHERE.

Unfortunately nedge2k is one of those b@stards, who are violating netiquette and publishing private communications in Internet - however FALSIFIED AND MISREPRESENTED. Anyway: ALONE publishing private communications like I.M. and emails clearly indicates that given person cannot be trusted. in other words: nedge2k (Alexa Abraham) is a mentally unstable person that cannot be trusted because one time he is friendly towards you and next time he may publish private chats with you and falsify them to make you look bad.

In the world of journalism - in which nedge2k - is trying to be active - publishing private communication is also total “no no” because it equals to “revealing sources” and means that such person cannot be trusted anymore.

Please note also that not only nedge2k published FALSIFIED AND MISREPRESENTED private communication but also he was many times throwing general insults at me in blogs, forums and IRC sessions - insults that were uncalled for - I have not published on any websites anything negative about him - never ever.

One of principles of giving MVP is that candidate for MVP should behave properly in public and that candidate for MVP should NOT make personal attacks on other people. This principle nedge2k clearly violated by carrying out many very personal attacks on me, so if principles of awarding MVP will apply also for nedge2k, who clearly strives to get MVP, the nedge2k by attacking me personally in many places and spreading libel about me, has thereefore forfeited chance to get MVP.

Furthermore it is worth noticing that it was not me, who “wanted something from nedge2k” but it was the other way around - nedge2k was contacting me many many times FIRST: he was publishing articles at and many many times contacting me by email and by I.M. and asking ME to link to his articles by making news stories with links to his articles or to articles of other guys at! Interestingly ALWAYS I was complying to these requests from him and I was doing it - always. I never refused these requests of his to publish links. I did it not just only because I had no bad will towards nedge2k but also because I always support Windows Mobile activitis.

As I mentioned above in point 8 I was linking to articles/reviews/news stories written by nedge2k - whenever he requested it (it happened many many times) or whenever I considered such stories to be interesting from the point of view of Windows Moblie phones. Therefore you can see that not only I never criticized or published anything negative about nedge2k but I was good for him. Personally, as an editor of a website about Windows Mobile phones, I never received anything from Microsoft - neither MVP award nor invitation for Mobius conference - despite me publishing huge amount of information about Windows Mobile phones and providing massive support to Windows Mobile phone users in comments, podcasts and private emails. Many people confirmed that their main reason of chosing Windows Mobile phones as their next mobile phone was reading my writings about them. It is obvious that I have contributed positively to popularization of Windows Mobile phones - yet I have not received ANY advantage or gain or benefit from Microsoft. The only clear explanation why nedge2k was attacking me with libel is: jealousy that that website about Windows Mobile phones for which I am writing is so popular - so pupular that he even was finding it necessary to request links to his articles many many times. He cannot be seriously jealous of me getting anything from Microsoft however - because I never received from Microsoft anything. Of course I may be wrong and his attacks may have other background - for example r@cial - after all recently number of my compatriots living in UK (where nedge2k also lives) exceeded one million and some extremists in UK are throwing r@cial slurs at my compatriots because they think unjustly that my compatriots are taking away jobs from them (what is not true - according to all studies they contributed positively - also in business area by business creation and not just by providing cheaper labour, that is eager to work harder and longer hours). Anyway my compatriots are just excercising the right of full mobility - one of 4 basic laws of all EU citizens and UK is a part of EU. I also clearly remember that nedge2k said that he doesn’t like that so many new EU citizens come to UK and take away jobs from him - so r@cial motive cannot be excluded. The bottom line however is: I don’t know for sure what are true motivations of nedge2k - the fact is that he as activist in Windows Mobile community (mostly in Modaco community) is also spreading libel about me and is attacking me personally - despite that fact that I have not done/published anything negative against him before.

Since nedge2k has crossed the line and published FALSIFIED AND MISREPRESENTED private communication between myself and him, since nedge2k has been spreading libel about me - both things happening without me ever publishing anything negative about nedge2k before - I was forced to write something about him above, and soon - to contact various people and report his wrongdoings further to various people.

nedge2k replied with this:

The other day, Jacek Rutkowski from published an article on his blog titled MVP wars. In it were many abusive attacks/comments directed towards individuals in the WM community. I believed one of these attacks to be aimed at me after certain conversations I had with Jacek over MSN. I warned Jacek after previous attacks where he had named me publically that if he did anything like that again, I would send some of my MSN logs to Jacekwatch2, a site dedicated to exposing Jacek’s wrongdoings. At the time, Jacek apologised and all was forgotten. He then posted his MVP wars article so I sent my logs to JW2.

The guys at JW2 have now posted an article about this HERE. Jacek has also posted a retort on his blog HERE.

In Jacek’s post he calls me a racist, acuses me of falsifying the logs and spreading libel. This is untrue. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a racist, my step father was from Lebanon FFS! The only parts of those logs I edited were the MSN addresses and as for spreading libel…how can’t it be libel if it is a direct quote of what he has said? It’s no secret that I stongly disagree with Jacek’s behaviour but I just ignored it until he started to attack me and tell lies about me. The man is a menace to the WM community. He is only part of it for what he can get out of it and this is clear from the things he writes. I have been helping people in the WM community for many years on subjects that Jacek can’t even begin to understand (although he likes to claim he does) and unlike him I have no alteria motive for it. It’s called community spirit. People helped me in my early years in this community, now I’m helping them. Simple as.

I know I’ll never hear the end of this from Jacek and he will probably continue to attack me but to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t bother me. He is a bully and nothing more. I’m not scared of this excuse of a man and I won’t take his crap lying down. If you want a war Jacek, you’ll get one.

Jacek replied with:

Mentally ill

July 24th, 2006

Imagine how completely insane and mentally ill the Alex Abraham = nedge2k must be: he says something like this “in post ‘MVP wars’ MPF didn’t mention me by name, but I BELIEVED that it was about me, so I felt compelled to publish libel and private communication about him”.

Alex Abraham = nedge2k is obsessed on me and he is simply mental. Imagine that somebody would write some general article, WITHOUT MENTIONING ANY REAL-LIFE NAMES (like I did with ‘MVP wars’ article) and all of a sudden some mental would think that it is about him and he would start posting libel everywhere! Impulse for Alex Abraham = nedge2k to start spreading libel about me was the fact that he BELIEVED that some text that had no names at all - was about him. This is mental. Alex Abraham = nedge2k is mentally ill, he is an insane creep. Mental!!! I think I have proved it 100%.

nedge2k replied:

As the title suggests, I’m not mentally ill :) Jacek seems to think I am though. Shame on him.

Jacek replied:

fruitcake Alex Abraham aka nedge2k

July 24th, 2006

I hereby call Alex Abraham aka nedge2k to publicly announce that:

— he will reject MVP if it will ever be proposed to him - otherwise all his claims that he doesn’t want MVP are bunch of lies.

— he has absolutely nothing against new EU citizens coming to live and work in UK - otherwise this what he told me in private (i.e. raci@listic claims that he doesn’t like all those new EU citizens coming to UK because they take away jobs from him, etc, etc) would mean that his is a r@cialist or maybe even r@cist. Otherwise I will have to report him to police in UK.

Also please note that Alex Abraham aka nedge2k is person that cannot be trusted because:

— he publishes private and FALSIFIED communications on internets - you should never ever talk to him over instant messaging or emails because he stores and records everything and then, once this fruitcake will think that you don’t love him anymore, he will start publishing all private things, of course falsifying it such a way that you always will look bad.

— he publishes libel and lies about other people, including using vulgar names, calling names, accusing people of unmoral behavior without presenting proofs, etc etc - thus he doesn’t deserve ever becoming MVP because lack of personal attacks is required from MVPs.

— he is mentally ill (a fruitcake) because he started publishing libel about me when I published GENERAL TEXT WITHOUT USING REAL NAMES because he believed that this text is about him although his name (and any other real life name) was not mentioned in this text at all.

nedge2k replied:

In yet another rant about me, Jacek continues to call me a racist, spouting something about a private conversation we had about new EU citizens. Strange, I don’t remember them? He continues to call my MSN logs falsified, when he knows they are not. He’s now saying i’m publishing libel an lies about people. Oh and apparently I’m still mentally unstable (a fruitcake as he puts it).

Jacek, you’re acusing me of all these things and yet you fail to provide proof, as usual. Come on Jacek, you’re the "big man" who always has proof of everthing about everyone, where is it? Don’t make up stories about me to cover your own ass Jacek. People can see what you’re doing.

Oh, by the way, I’ve spoken to my solicitor. He informs me that I am well within my rights to take you to court and unless you remove the lies about me on your blog, I will. Heh…I’m starting to sound like you now. One difference though, I’ll actually do it.

Jacek replied:

fruitcake Alex Abraham aka nedge2k

July 24th, 2006

… still keeps attacking me and keeps spreading libel. Please note: if you see some texts signed by “nedge2k” or Alex Abraham on the internets, then keep in mind that this person is totally not be trusted - a psycho who started attacking me just because he thought that some my text where there were no real names included (also his name was not included - no names at all) was applying to him. He is totally mentally insane. Alex Abraham aka nedge2k is a parasite of Windows Mobile community - a useless piece of fruitcake.

How mentally insane somebody must be if he thinks/believes that some generic text applies to him even though his name is not mentioned? How mentally insane somebody must be if he thinks that some generic text, without any real names, is a reason to start attacking people and spreading libel, lies and accusations!? Totally mental fruitcake!

nedge2k replied:

For those of you wondering who Jacek Rukowski is, he goes under various names to hide his actions. He is known as:

  • MSMobiles
  • MSMobiles_wiseacre
  • MobilePhoneFan (MPF)
  • ComicStripBlogger (CSB)
  • JPZR

Now, if you google a few of these names, you will see that Jacek has a history of abusive behaviour towards others. He has been racist, he has threatened violance, he has lied, he has stolen, he has stalked people…the list is literally endless. Unfortunately, he seems to get away with it because people refuse to stand up to him. Some do though, one of them was Russell Beatie. He stood up to Jacek but now he has stopped blogging and the original story seems to have gone but there are still referances to it all over the place. Like HERE for example. Oh and THIS google search has alot of nice links. There is also a huge ammount of imformation on JacekWatch2 and a rant about him by an ex-Jacekwatcher HERE. The man is a nasty, vile piece of work. He is a cancer on our community.

...and for now, that seems to be it.

The MSN Logs!

As promised, here are the logs we mentioned in previous posts. They come courtesy of nedge2k who had this to say:
"Over the years, Jacek has been abusive towards me both in public and in private. As you'll see at the bottom of the second chat log (July 06), I kinda lost my rag with him and warned that if he attacked me again, you guys would be getting a few chat logs. Although he didn't actually mention my name in his "MVP wars" post, it was kinda obvious who one or two of the remarks were aimed at, as you can see from the logs. Jacek has already made threats about what he'll do if the logs get published to me and others but as you can see, I'm not gonna let him bargin his way out of this one, as he does with others.

Finally, I'd like to say this (before Jacek starts calling this "fake" or "libel"): The only parts of these logs I've edited are the MSN addresses. As much as I dislike Jacek, I'm not about to start handing out his MSN address to everyone, or mine. Also, my only reasons for contacting Jacek at all were to inform him of news items. I did this so he would give us the credit before he stole the news item from us. Jacek has always said that he will not give credit to anyone for a news story unless they inform him of it I did."

Anyway, here are the logs (and a couple emails):
Jacek (June 06)
Jacek (July 06)
Email (After the last conversation in the July 06 log)
Email (After Jacekwacth published my intentions to send them the logs)

As we've said previously, some of the things Jacek said are pretty outrageous, even if they were in private conversations and the threats he has made against us, well, looks like we might have to set our lawyer on him!

Many thanks to nedge2k for letting us publish his logs! A few other people have also sent us logs/emails but unfortunately, Jacek made a deal with them and they asked us not to post...which is fair enough.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jacek Makes Threats...

...against our anonymous supporter

In our last post we told you that one of our supporters was fed up of being attacked by Jacek and has decided to send us his MSN logs of conversations with Jacek. Of course, Jacek knows who this person is and has already contacted him asking him to "stop spreading libel" and now Jacek is threatening to contact "their university/employers/family/friends and proving that they are spreading libel on the internets" (see here).

Well, unfortunately for Jacek and fortunately for us, these threats have pissed off our supporter even more so expect to see some logs quite soon. We've already seen them and to be honest, they're quite outrageous.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

(another) MVP Rant

Now, if this had just been a little rant about one or maybe two points, it probably wouldn't have warranted a mention but Jacek's latest rant about MVPs is so big and contains so many thinly veiled attacks on not only MVPs but other notible people in the WM community that something has to be said about it.

One of these people has seen an attack that was aimed squarely at him and has mailed us. At this point he wants to remain anonymous but he has said we can publish this:
"A while back Jacek accused me of "brownosing to become an MVP" in public. He then kept attacking me, trying to make out that I only help people for what I can get out of it. So I had a little chat with Jacek on MSN, explaining to him that the thought of becoming an MVP hadn't even crossed my mind until he had started going on about it. He asked me if I would turn down MVP status if it was offered to me and I replied honestly saying "no, I wouldn't but I wouldn't actively seek it either". Of course he replied with some bullshit about me being a liar and said that if I wasn't lying then I was subconciously seeking to become an MVP. A very long and drawn out argument ensued and Jacek became highly abusive towards me, which is nothing new. Anyway, the last time he did that, I threatened to send the chat logs to Jacekwatch if he ever did anything like that again and blocked him on my MSN. Two minutes later I get a very apologetic email from him practically begging for my forgiveness. At the time I accepted his apology but after this latest rant where he says:
"Furthermore I despise muppets who claim things like “I don’t want MVP but I wouldn’t reject it”. This is very delusional thinking and lying to oneself. Of course they want MVP. If not consciously then subconciously and this subconsciousness dictates often their dirty behavior with regard to some MVPs or some non-MVP Windows Mobile enthusiasts." can be sure Jacekwatch will be getting some very intersting chat logs, quite soon. How soon? Well, that's for Jacek to worry about ;)
So what has triggered this reaction? Have a read of this...
Among mobility MVPs (i.e. Windows Mobile specialized MVPs) there are quarrels and wars. I could reveal it all in details, and not just allegations but also proofs, etc, etc, but I will not do it. Not just because I am good guy, but because I wouldn’t like to hurt Windows Mobile phones sales. My contribution to sales of Windows Mobile phones is extremely huge and positive - exceeding those of majority of MVPs - so I wouldn’t like to hurt these sales by revealing these details.

Furthermore I despise muppets who claim things like “I don’t want MVP but I wouldn’t reject it”. This is very delusional thinking and lying to oneself. Of course they want MVP. If not consciously then subconciously and this subconsciousness dictates often their dirty behavior with regard to some MVPs or some non-MVP Windows Mobile enthusiasts. “Dirty” meaning: saying and writing things based on ignorance, things containing offensive words that are totally false but dictated by emotions, not by logic. In reality they are just “working towards getting MVP” and their claims “I don’t want MVP but I wouldn’t reject it” are just pure bullsh-t. If otherwise is true I wold like to see on their blogs statement like “I work for Windows Mobile community ONLY and if Microsoft would ever award me MVP then I hereby promise not to accept this MVP”. Such statement could clear the air and provide the proof that they are not deluding themselves and bullsh-tting whole community and everyone else.

Another category of muppets are MVPs who claim that they don’t care about their MVP award, but still continue accepting it every year and further more even arrange MVPs (i.e. nominate for MVP) people who contribute content to their own websites. This is simply hypocrisy and it’s pathetic.

Some people are also confused that I am interested in pleasing or satisfying so called “Windows Mobile community” - that is understood mostly as fans and activitis and NOT as “just end users”. I am not. I am interested in 2 things and 2 things only: a) increasing sales of Windows Mobile phones, b) ensuring that when users of Windows Mobile phones are buying new phone, that this phone will also be Windows Mobile powered or in other words I am interested in: a) gaining new customer, b) increasing customer retention. I am not interested in quarrells, wars, and publicity plebiscite among “Windows Mobile community” that usually is understood “mobile MVPs + people who write stories for websites dedicated to Windows Mobile”. No way. I don’t care about those people. I care about end users and not about activists like MVPs and their brownnosers.

One is for sure: the mobility MVPs - approximately 70 people - are one of the most conflict-infected MVP groups. I am sure that for example Tablet PC MVPs or Windows Media MVPs don’t hate each other so much… and don’t do such nasty things to each other. The conflicts are huge… and go so far as publishing libel about other MVPs by certain MVPs… and badmouthing in private emails… and this all is really cranky and wrong.

What to do to resolve problem of these MVP-internal wars? Well, one is for sure: the conflicts exist very much across various groups, websites, forums, etc. Even across countries. There is no easy solution to this problem and Microsoft would have to apply some radical solution to solve this problem wholly. What it could be? Here are some suggestions (I use in examples certain “Arnold” but of course it applies to any mobile MVP):

— limiting number of years that given person can hold MVP award. Now it seems is so, that some people have MVP title for ever. Fro example: Arnold should have MVP only for 4 years what means: he should not be getting it since 2004 anymore. Now Arnold writes arrogantly (highlight is mine) things like: “Arnold is recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional for Mobile Devices (MVP); an award - given by Microsoft every year “. Every year? EVERY year? WTF? This is really bad.

— limiting number of people that can be awarded MVP from one website. For example to 2 only. For example: Arnold can arrange MVP award for his pal Damian, who is writing for Arnold’s website, but then Carlos who was writing for Arnold’s website before should be not awarded MVP any longer. In other words: the number of MVPs from given website should be constant and not bigger than some fixed amount (I propose 2 but maybe 3 could be better, I don’t know).

— any MVP that has it proven that he/she was badmouthing other MVPs or other non-MVP Windows Mobile enthusiasts, should be immediately taken away his MVP award - before the yearly renewal period ends. Of course it must be hard proof and that remote guesses, but clearly currently in era of criminal anonymity sometimes proving anything is simply impossible. I have no solution ready for this proving but obviously there are some undeniable proofs of bad mouthing by some MVPs and these should be sufficient for their removal from MVP next year or immediately. This negativity towards other MVPs AND towards non-MVP Windows Mobile fans should not be tolerated by Microsoft as it is now.

— MVPs should NOT be invited to Mobius invite only mobility conference but only such people that no longer are MVPs or never were MVPs, and who can through objective criteria (like Alexa) prove that they are truly influential.

— “elected for party A, so I keep my content at party A” principle should be used. Now it happens often that given person got MVP because of participation in certain forum/community/website/blog but then he/she moves out of this place and very often is “stealing” (or taking with him/her) materials/articles that he/she wrote for that place. If some mobile MVP would violate it and would start copying his “old” articles from place for which he got MVP to some new place then he should be taken away MVP immediately without waiting for yearly renewal.

— many MVPs have contributions that are very old, older than one year… but Microsoft nonetheless is still renewing their MVP every year. This is not fair. This should be stopped. So what that Arnold has written a book about Pocket PC 3 years ago if his contributions lately were more focused on reporting his impressions about latest Apple iPod players rather than presenting new applications for Windows Mobile phones.

— people who have websites, that cover all mobile platforms (and I mean not only symbian but also Apple iPod) and are not focused on Windows Mobile only should NOT get MVP. It is that simple. For example if Arnold covers all platforms on his website and forums and still gets MVP every year then it is not OK. It should stop right away.

— criteria of selection of mobile MVPs should be objective and not subject to personal feelings or subjective impressions. For example alexa web traffic or number of recommendations from non-MVPs etc should be taken into account and not just nepotism practiced by now. Criteria should be clear and if criteria are no longer valid (because person moves to other place or stops contributing) then MVP should be taken away immediately without waiting for yearly renewal.

— being MVP “by nature of it” is designed to please Microsoft employees and not to satisfy end users of Windows Mobile phones. This leads to situation where MVPs on forums are not only brownnosing Microsoft employees but also are justifying mistakes of Microsoft (like that removal of ActiveSync-ing capability over Wi-Fi) rather than admitting that these problems are mistakes indeed. This cushion or layer of brownnosers among MVPs leads to situation that Microsoft is blinded and is not working on improvement of some crucial features, usability, GUI design, etc. Shortly speaking: brownnosers should not be getting MVP at all and should not be taken away MVP next year during renewal.

— it is wrong that sometimes the same person at Microsoft is selecting MVPs for many many years. This person or these persons should be rotated and it should not be so that the same people select MVPs over longer than 2 years. After 2 years totally different set of Microsoft employees should select MVPs. Now the situation is corrupted and people are too close minded to have any objectivity.

Finally: the bottom line is that MVPs have little influence on the overall situation and impression among end users who don’t care who is MVP or not, etc. However these internal quarrels are manifesting itself in some bad practices like public badmouthing, blacklisting other sources, spreading negativity about non-MVP Windows Mobile fans, etc. etc. So in overall scheme of things the mobile MVP wars doesn’t matter but Microsoft is discouraging other non-MVP or non-yet-MVP enthusiasts when people see what is going on among MVPs. Microsoft should finally sort out this mobile MVP mess. Will it be done? I don’t know. However don’t say that I have not contributed also in this area! ;)
Now, correct us if we're wrong but isn't Jacek guilty of pretty much everything he's attacking others for? Yeh, silly question really, of course he is. You only have to be a regular reader of this site to know that ;) So there you have it, another great rant by Jacek Rutkowski, owner of

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

...and more begging/bashing

Taken from Jacek's blog:

Is it selling out ?

July 19th, 2006

… when a MVP is advertising/reviewing the same product on websites of other MVPs as you can see here and here and here. Tell me, me not MVP so me doesn’t know whether it’s bad or good?

Well, apparently nobody wants to nominate me for MVP despite my huge positive contributions to Windows Mobile community so what can I know!? Maybe selling out is OK in MVP world if so many MVPs accept it and publish such hidden, surreptitious advertisemetns as reviews? In any case: MVPs before throwing mud at myself should first sort out things among themselves!

Anyway if somebody wants to nominate me for mobile MVP award I am open and eager! ;-)

Erm..."huge positive contributions"? We must have missed those...

As for selling least they know how to actually write a review ;)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Rejected: JPZR Circa 2001

We here at JW:TR have only had the misfortune of knowing Jacek for around 4 years (since the original windows powered Smartphone). However, some of you out there have known him longer. For those of you that do, cast your mind back to 2001 where Jacek (back then known as JPZR) was trying to integrate himself into another community...

MS was not the first company to reject Jacek for community inclusion..

See Sun KVM listposting cached:

Date 2001..

if you search the kvm list archive at I am sure you wil find more :)

Many thanks to the Jacekwatch supporter who sent this in.

By the way, we're going to change the contact form so that you can select whether you want to remain anonymous or not. Alot of you give your names but we're not always sure if you want them published or we don't just in case ;)

Possible diagnosis for Jacek?

We should have posted this before but hey, better late than never...

DSC regualr and Jacekwatch commenter, Elaine, think's she has found a possible diagnosis for Jacek:

1.Severe impairment in reciprocal social interaction
(at least two of the following)
(a) inability to interact with peers
(b) lack of desire to interact with peers
(c) lack of appreciation of social cues
(d) socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior

2.All-absorbing narrow interest
(at least one of the following)
(a) exclusion of other activities
(b) repetitive adherence
(c) more rote than meaning

3.Imposition of routines and interests
(at least one of the following)
(a) on self, in aspects of life
(b) on others

4.Speech and language problems
(at least three of the following)
(a) delayed development
(b) superficially perfect expressive language
(c) formal, pedantic language
(d) odd prosody, peculiar voice characteristics
(e) impairment of comprehension including misinterpretations of literal/implied meanings

5.Non-verbal communication problems
(at least one of the following)
(a) limited use of gestures
(b) clumsy/gauche body language
(c) limited facial expression
(d) inappropriate expression
(e) peculiar, stiff gaze

6.Motor clumsiness: poor performance on neurodevelopmental examination

(All six criteria must be met for confirmation of diagnosis.)

To be honest, we agree :)

More information on this can be found here.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jacek drops the ball...again

As predicted, Jacek didn't turn up to the MoDaCo meet. However, he did decide to post about it and the fact Orange decided to publically showcase some of their as yet unannouced devices, giving very little credit to MoDaCo in the process (surprise, surprise).

So anyway, not wanting to miss an oppourtunity to steal a story from others, Jacek swiftly went off half cocked and posted about Orange's version Samsung i320...only it's not an i320. No, this device had 3G, a forward facing camera and what Jacek thought was a scroll wheel. In actuality it was just a plain old d-pad but the facts never stop Jacek from trying to get one over on "the competition".

Now, in a situation such as this, any self respecting and supposedly profressional website would have waited for MoDaCo to release the information and then post about it, giving full credit to MoDaCo in the process. Afterall, if it weren't for MoDaCo setting up the event, no-one would actually know about these devices until Orange decided to announce it. It's bad enough he didn't bother to check his facts in the first place but to disrespect MoDaCo like that...

Anyway, here's Jacek's "half truth" and here's MoDaCo's "whole truth". Oh and here's another where Jacek's taken it upon himself to announce the other devices and again give absolutely sod all credit to MoDaCo. I especially like the way he refers to the event as "Windows Mobile Community Event" instead of the MoDaCo event. It's not difficult to show a bit of tact and professionalism in matters such as these but somehow Jacek alway fails to do so.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Comment System Changed

commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

This means we can now ban spammers from commenting :) Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be a way to import the existing comments from blogger. We're not finished looking yet though ;)

[EDIT] Fixed! You can now see all the old comments too :)

We're afraid of the truth...apparently :roll:

That idiot "Alphaslash" is now flooding this site with links to his ( He calims we are moderating this site and are afraid of the truth. Well listen up little boy, we don't care what you say or what you do. If this is your attempt to "silence us" then it's quite a poor one. The only thing you could possibly post about is us deleting your comments. Why do we delete your comments? Becuase they are nothing more than pathetic fanboy flames and spam. You are annoying us and our readers.

You and Stuart Storey are the only people who's comments have been deleted due to the fact that you cannot backup your claims. When you grow up and act like adults then feel free to post. Just don't flame us because you are too stupid to understand the situation. If you continue to flood this site with links to your site then this one will have the comments moderated again.

[EDIT] Also, we've only left 1 comment on that "site" telling him that the comment he is posting about wasn't made by us...idiot. Oh btw, learn some HTML will ya! Your "site" doesnt even display properly in IE and looks just as bad in Firefox. Shows just how much of an amateur you are :roll: There are so many little inconsistancies on your "site" that we really could go on and on but tbh, you aren't even worth this post. Say what you want there little boy, we all know you're the only one going to be reading it.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

When is a review not a review? When it's an msmobiles review

Well, at least we're not the only ones getting fed up of the so-called reviews on

We noticed this post on nedge2k's blog and although he hasn't named names, we're sure you all know who he's referring to and to be perfectly honest, we couldn't agree more. These "reviews" are nothing more than pictures and comments of what the pictures show. There's no real information on the devices, how they perform, their pro's, their con's...just pictures. Jacek's Slingplayer "review" was nothing more than an installation manual with more pictures than content, his G500 "review" started off ok but hasn't even been finished in months!

At least Jacek tries though, Lutz's "reviews" of the Star Trek, Hermes and Breeze (new and old) are just a load of ill organised pictures. Oh and that video of the hermes' OS just smacks of "thrown-together-in-five-minutes". It's really pathetic and what makes it even worse are the little msmobiles fanBOYs that say "great review, great review". You wanna know who the barking doggies are Jacek? They are. The people with opinions that actually matter know better than to praise your excuse of a website.

Unfortunately in this business it's not what you know, it's who you know and becuase Jacek has money, he can afford to travel the world, annoying people until they give he and Lutzh phones to get rid of them. is one of the only sites lucky enough to get these devices to review and what do they do with the oppourtunity? Piss it away that's what! We can think of at least three other sites that would have put a shitload more effort into those reviews and actually given their readers the full story instead of forcing them to "ask questions" if they want to know more. We're not even sure what's worse: the fact that Lutz is happy to put his name to such purile crap or the fact that Jacek is willing to publish it.

Don't think we're just picking on Lutzh and Jacek here though, there's one guy that's even worse...if that's possible. Bengalboy's review of the Breeze is 95% pictures, 3% porn and 2% text. There's professionalism for ya! Oh and if you do have the misfortune to catch his review, notice how little effort he has made to take proper screen captures of the OS and has instead taken pictures of the screen with a camera...that's worse than Lutzh's video of the Hermes' OS which was also shot externally. Incidently, weren't video's of the OS nedge2k's idea? I seem to remember his video of the g-Smart's 3DMMI looked ten times better than Lutzh's attempt.

Oh look, we've come full circle :)

For those of you wondering why we've been a bit quiet lately...well...we've been sitting on a rather juicy story which WILL be published very soon ;)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jacek begs....

This is getting pathetic now...

Stephen Croxford

July 4th, 2006

… is a new MVP in area of Windows Mobile. He lives in Australia. But what is his website or blog? Anybody knows?

And still on MVP for me :(

Maybe some MVP could nominate me at last, please!?

Jacek's Stupidity

If more proof were ever needed that Jacek was a total dumbass...

Stupid Microsoft

July 4th, 2006

…. is because in Windows Live Mobile messenger for Windows Mobile still drawings are not accepted, i.e. if I use Tablet PC or UMPC and my pal uses Windows Mobile phone with Windows Live Mobile messenger, then I can’t communicate with my pal over handwriting.

It sucks so much… particularly because sometimes I have my Tablet PC in tablet mode and I have no keyboard's a beta Jacek and er...its only available for WM5 Smartphones at the moment which have no touchscreen!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jacek says: Adam Curry Causes Cancer

As you can see HERE:
June 28, 2006 | 5:44 pm

regarding your mum, AdamC: dude, stop encouraging people to smoking by lightning the cigarettes at the end of DSC (and during DSC)! For many people it is nicotine smoking encouragement and your explanations that it is “just” joint smoking are reaching only few people. Think about it: thanks to you encouraging people to smoke several people were already infested by cancer. You fucking idiot, Adam Curry: your mum is dying out of cancer and you spread cancer at the same time - the very same kind also (lung cancer)! It’s really bad. And smokers also infest non-smokers with cancer due to passive smokers (I am not smoker but in fucking Germany smoking is allowed everywhere and there is no clear division). You spread cancer, dude. Stop it.

Then HERE he whines about Adam not playing his audio comments:
Comic Strip Blogger
June 30, 2006 | 2:43 pm

it’s PITY that you didn’t play my audio comment, AdamC! Maybe you were pissed off at impostors of myself who post shit under my name in you comment section? Dunno. — Anyway, so lemme tell it here: GO ENGLAND, GO ENGLAND, GO ENGLAND, AND BEAT PORTUGAL TOMORROW!

...and goes on to say:
June 30, 2006 | 3:26 pm

My only comment about cancer was here: and I didnt say that AdamC is to blame for his mothers cancer, but for other people getting cancer. Why dont you stupid jealuous bastards stop lying about me?

Maybe when you stop lying Jacek?

Tips Galore!

Ok, we've been a bit lazy lately but thankfully you guys don't mind giving us a poke in the right direction every now and again ;) We just recived a mail from an anonymous supporter who had this to say:

More stuff: - engadget not to be trusted because they feel that Daleks are robots (they'd actually be cyborgs which is a fine line to tread) - wherein Jacek tries to say why he's not an mvp. FWIW, I was an MVP Lead. I had no problem awarding people who were negative, so long as they were helpful and, above all, *polite*. That is, imo, Jacek's largest failing in becoming and MVP, his inability to be polite. Sure, there were limits, I wouldn't award someone whose solution to a blue screen was 'Install linux' unless he was posting other answers too. Even tho I'm anonymous, feel free to grill me on awarding MVPS ;)

And I think you missed - Good ol' endgadget is evil (to go with the above 'engadget is not to be trusted.'

and - All mvps who don't create podcasts are lazy.

Thanks for the tips! Keep em comming guys :)

(yet) More MVP Bashing

Jacek has posted an article on his main website,, about two new MVPs: one who, in his eyes, is undeserving and another who is...
There is over 70 people, who currently hold MVP award in area of Windows Mobile, but most of them are either inactive or haven't contributed anything worthwhile in period of last year. Unfortunately Microsoft's awarding criteria still are dodgy and unjust.

Jealousy anyone?
While it is true that among MVPs in Windows Mobile area there are plenty of people, who are very deserving and helping the community to big extend, it is true also, that there are vile people among Windows Mobile MVPs too, like for example that lawyer who (himself having MVP in Windows Mobile area too) was sending threatening letters/emails to other MVPs (and to non-MVPs) to remove photos of upcoming phones from their websites and threatening with lawsuits, or certain other MVPs who are publishing anonymously libellous blogs about other MVPs (and about non-MVPs) on the * blogging service. In reality there is big competition among MVPs and some of them don't like each other very much and use underhanded tactics to eliminate competition. Please note: we know exact details about all these underhanded tactics (including names and URLs) but we are not publishing it intentionally to avoid further quarrels among Windows Mobile MVPs.

Jacek, you know jack-shit about anything to do with Windows Mobile, let alone about MVPs. We know how you like to brag about all this information you claim to have about this and that but it's all bullshit. If you really had information about anything, you'd post about it as that is what you do. Oh and before you start bragging about being the only person in the WM community who got invited to that HTC event in London...plenty of other people got invited, even we got invited but you were the only idiot that thought it was important enough to go to. Not that you went to it of course. No, instead you were stupid enough to pay Lutz to go in your place and not even get decent photos. What's even funnier about that is the big deal you made about it on msmobiles saying it was an exclusive when everyone else had posted about it days before.

Anyway, you still don't get it do you? You want to be an MVP so badly and yet you constantly attack people for no good reason. You'll never be an MVP Jacek. No-one likes you in the WM community. Sure, you have your deluded fans in the podcasting community but we're sure as soon as they realise what fools they are, they'll hate you too.