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Monday, May 29, 2006

Jason Dunn Spammer

Whoever keeps pretending to be Jason Dunn, posting his phone number, address and saying that he is running this site...give it a rest. You are not big, clever or funny.

Jason Dunn has nothing to do with this site and has made it quite clear to us that he is not making comments on this site.

Whoever is doing this, please stop or we'll have to start moderating the comments.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

UPDATE: Contact Us Changed

A while back we asked one of our readers to host a php file for us. This file was integral to our "Contact Us" form. Unfortunately Jacek has decided to contact the guy who was hosting it for us and "ask" him to remove it from his server.

So, due to this, we've had to revert to the Bravenet system which, unfortunately, has a couple of ads.

If you would like to host the 1kb php file for us then let us know! You will need a Linux server with sendmail.

UPDATE: The file is now hosted by the owner of the domain. Many thanks to him for all his support!

Are You Retarded Or Evil?

...that's the question Jacek ask's this poor fellow who dares to disagree with him:
Mr. strip blogger, you are wrong again! The European Broadcasting Organisation has nothing to do with the European Union. This ’song contest’ has become a joke over the years,quality is not important any more,that’s why so many Eastern ‘European’countries entered the final supporting each otherthe communist way. Very few people in the old coutries watch this shite apart from the elderly and the homosexuals. Have you watched it? ;)
Finlands contribution was the only competitor worth winning ,a monkey could have predicted the outcome..
BTW,you are almost 98 % bullshit on air,Roger is the real STAR.
Jacek replies:
REAL EUROPEAN : are you retarded or evil? Nowhere I have mentioned that Eurovision is organized by European Union. Europe is much more than just European Union - Russia and Ukraine are also Europe.

More Libel From Jacek

As the title says:
regarding Paul McCartney: his current wife that he is divorcing is just a GOLDDIGGER who married him for money! If it would be otherwise she would give up on Paul’s money but she will obviously not do it. So we have a proof here. There was no prenap and it was clear for everybody but not for Paul McCartney. D’oh! Everybody knew it for months if not years…

Daddydowse replies:

CSB. you dont know heather mills. Therefore do not name her a “gold-digger”.

the lass has had a hard enough time as it is being hounded by the media. You also do not know what financial agreement the couple have and that there is a child involved here.

You opinion is not your own, it is one fed to you by the media. Have you met her? Talked to her? Seen the fantastic work she does for charity? She has used her profile to a positive end.

Is it fair that a lass from Newcastle, just because she comes from a not so well off background, is hyped by the media as somekind of money whore just because she aspires to better herself?

Shes a bonnie lass and a canny lass, so gerroff her back man!

Us Geordies must stick together.


try reading this:

then check some links. Her profits from her books going to minefield victims charities? the works done to stop animal fur trading? shes a fucking awful person isnt she!

Jacek then replies:
Daddydowse : she’s a gold digger and no question about it. Whether she came from chavvy family or posh family is not an argument.
We didn't write that Jacek, you did HERE. Now who's the "criminal scum"?

Jacek Comments

Before we get started, I think it's time for some more reiteration:
Jacek, this site has nothing to do with any of the original sites of a similar name to this one. Nor do any of the original people behind those sites have anything to do with this one. Furthermore, nothing we do here is illegal and your threats of legal action don't phase us in the slightest.

You may be wondering why we've had to mention that yet again. Well...

Jacek has decided to start commenting on our little site and emailing people who he believes to be working here. We freeley admit that on a couple of occasions our posts may have "gone a bit too far" but then these posts have been written to reflect Jacek's actions which, in the opinion of most, also go too far.

You can check out what Jacek had to say in comments 1,2,5 and 9 HERE

Sorry Jacek but until you stop doing what you do, we won't stop doing what we do.

Monday, May 22, 2006


A few days ago, Jacek sent an audio comment in to Adam Curry's podcast of him on UK radio. He basically just had the piss taken out of him but his reason for being on there was to proove that no-one knew who Adam Curry was (it's ok if you don't, we didn't either until Jacek started stalking him). Anyway, it was played in the podcast and Adam Curry said he'd pay Jacek 500 Linden dollars (Second Life currency) every time Jacek got his name mentioned on the radio.

You can hear the comment here.

Jacek then makes a comment on Adam Curry's blog:
Regarding your offer regarding 500 L$ : no, you know that you can’t get me through money: real or virtual. However if Britney from SL would agree to do 1 hour naked dancing in CSB Labs for my (and other of visitors) watching pleasure - for each mention of “Adam Curry” on British radio - then I can go for that deal. Ask Britney and if she agrees let me know by email!

I don't know exactly how he was trying to "get" him but anyway as you can see, he has made a bit of a perverted request.

Fast forward to the next podacast, in which Adam discusses Jacek's comment and we see a comment from Britney (no, we don't know who she is either):

Dear short bald little perveted hobbitt aka CSB,

Okay CSB… ill counter offer. If you can get 5 differnt radio stations to say Adam Curry AND record it for playback on DSC so we have proof you did this.I ll dance naked for you and your friends for an hour. Now, if you dont do this you must dance naked for me and my friends for an hour. This needs to be done by August 1, 2006.

Now most people would say that by having to see you naked as a prize would be a lose lose situation. I say, yes this is true, there is no way around it.Therefore you will need to wear a shirt that says “Britney Rocks & CSB Sucks!!”

I'm sure you'll agree, real or virtual, Jacek naked is not something anyone should be made to see.

Jacek replies:
Britney: no thank you, it was one-sided offer and not “if you will not do it, then you CSB get denigrated”. Anyway, Britney: I apologize for that immoral offer! Chill out please and I will be on SL next time tomorrow evening… i.e. over the weekend… and then we can IM-things-uot if you wish so. So sorry Britney, calm down, chill out and relax! I didn’t mean to offend you. Sorry if I did. I apologize.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Credit where credit's due?

We've just received an email from a JW:TR supporter...
Jacek's ego and selective comments: in response of i have made comment. He mentions this comment in, but does not put it in the rightful place! He even takes credit for solving the problem (see, while it could very well be that some MVP's might have called/mailed some MVP leads to resolve this.....
We have to agree that Jacek does like to take credit for things that are nothing to do with him far too easily. However, we also agree that Jacek did bring news of being shut down before anyone else. If he hadn't, maybe some MVPs wouldn't have know about this at all.

Jacek didn't directly fix this problem but we think that if it weren't for him bringing it to everyone's attention, it would have taken longer to get resolved.

Jacek Turns Over A New Leaf?

We are quite literally shocked and amazed by this but it would seem that Jacek is finally starting to listen...

Whilst checking out the blog of Roger Smalls, a previous victim of Jacek's abuse, we noticed a post on there about us. We then offered to post anything offensive Jacek has said about Roger Smalls here on JW:TR. Low and behold, later that day, Jacek issuses a public apology to Roger Smalls on Adam Curry's blog. He even goes as far as to send Adam an audio comment with not only an apology to Roger but to everyone who has felt offended by him. He also offers to remove the offending material and, in the case of Roger Smalls, has done so already. The comment can be heard in Adam's latest podcast from yesterday (11th May) or if you don't feel like listening to the whole thing, we have cut the comment out and you can get it here.

Well done Jacek! We are very proud of you! If you keep this good behaviour up, we won't have anything to write about :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006


We would just like to categorically state that this site:


This means that:


Of course the exception being the owner of who donated the domain name to us.

In other words, Jacek, you are barking up the wrong tree acusing Richard Hodges of having anything to do with JW:TR.

This site is all-new, with new staff. Believe it or not Jacek, there are more than a few people out there who disagree with what you do!

UPDATE: Jacek sets a trap?

Jacek is really starting to pull the bug guns out now. We recived an email from a "supporter" of JW:TR informing us of Jacek's recent post...about us :)

It said:
In case you wasn't fast enough:
and then the article was pasted into the email(below). Nothing strange there. However, I had recently checked Jacek's blog and I, nor others, had seen this post. He must have put it up and taken it down very quickly for us to have missed it. Nothing really strange there either. He may have just had a change of heart but when you read the threats he made in the article, you might be forgiven for thinking that this was an attempt by him to gain the IP address of one of the JW:TR staff. How does that work? Well, if we are the only ones who know about the "article", then we are the only ones who will click the link and trust me, Jacek likes to keep track of his visitors. He's already banned a few proxies from his blog. The other thing that struck me as strange was the IP address the email was submitted from (using our contact form): (localhost). Someone is trying to cover their tracks...

Anyway, for your enjoyment, this was what the "article" said:
my stalkers from UK

...deny that they love me, after I wrote:

your hatred for me is just a repressed love for me.

...but since they are just idiots who flame me with lies without knowing whole truth about various issues, they also don't realize what "repressed" means. In other words: their spread hatred befcause subconciousnessly they love me and of course their conciousness doesn't know about it. Yes, there is a very thin line between hate and love.

How pathetic must be life of somebody if he finds it necessary to stalk me online everyday with publication of new lies each day? Lies deduced from partial information. Abusive lies that damage my life.

Anyway my message to these stalkers is clear: if you will not remove this libel that you publish immediately, I will find you sooner or later and since we both are in the same area (EU) and I since I know UK well, you will be: a) reported to police, b) your employer will be notified about your abusive actions on the Internet, c) you will be sued with a court order. I am serious about it. If they think that they (mostly one person plus certain supporters) can hide under anonymity and publish lies that damage people's lies, then they will be badly mistaken. Enough is enough.

I have suspicion that it could be my previous stalker R.H. from Wales behind this new online stalking attempt as well, but well, we will see yet. Anyway: I am serious and you will be exposed and above a)/b)/c) will be executed.
As you can see, Jacek is not a happy bunny. What he fails to realise is that nothing we do here is illegal. We merely comment on and catalog the things he says on a daily basis. We don't like the way he treats people, regardless of what they may or may not have done in his eyes. We don't go ringing him in the middle of the night like he did to Russell Beattie, we don't make wild acusations about his sexuality and we certainly don't tell him to "go buy a dildo and fuck yourself".

Now, we may be being a little paranoid with the whole "trap" thing but we have seen how Jacek has treated people in the past and we wouldn't put it past him.

Jacek, our message to you it this: You are bluffing, we know you are bluffing. There is nothing illegal about what we do here and you are well within your rights to seek legal council and find out for yourself. How exactly can we be telling lies about you when we are quoting you and linking to the original articles? As the banner says Jacek: "we will not be silenced".

You want this to stop? Stop attacking innocent people! There is no excuse for the things you write about people and the lies YOU tell.

Oh yeah, we still don't love you and no, it's not a subconcious thing. You are right though, hatred usually stems from love but we don't hate you Jacek, we just don't care about you and we stronly disagree with the way you treat others. I think the word you are looking for is indifference.

UPDATE: Ok, it's official, we were being paranoid! Jacek didn't submit that article, it was a genuine JW:TR supporter. Still, it was a plausable assumption given Jacek's track record. Thanks to our supporter for letting us know ;)

UPDATE: Jacek Making New "Friends"

It seems Jacek continues to piss people off in the virtual world now too! Is there no escape from him!?

… because it may be somebody who pretends to be friendly but later publishes total lies about you, together with some screenshots from Second Life (SL), on his blog. Example: R.H. from Wales, UK. I thought that he is just one of many residends of Second Life who are friendly in 99% of cases, and I was friendly to him too. Now he writes such lies as: “He’ll ask you to give him objects you bought for yourself, threaten you with a gun” - I never did any of these things - my SL account has more money than I need and I do things usually myself instead of buying. I used guns only on my own objects - trying to shoot down my own starship. Several people in SL also gave me for free things after I said “oh, cool machine!”.

R.H. from Wales, UK: you are bad, evil person. Stop lying!

To all Others in SL: be very careful whom you meet in Second Life. Talk openly ONLY with people whom you are sure about that you know them also in RL (Real Life). That’s why when I am meeting a pair in SL, and they wanna use “chat” (public, all people in vicinity in SL can overhear) insert italic tags instead of “IM” (private, only the person to whom you chat in SL can hear/see), then I say clearly “no, I talk one to one to people”. Pity that there is no “group IM” - so when I am in a place where 15 people are located, I could talk privately only to 2 of them at the same time…
If you know who this R.H. person is then get in touch! We'd love to see what he's writing.

UPDATE: R.H. is Richard Hodges aka Tankerx. What did he write that was so bad?

If you ever meet this chap (alias Comic Senior), run. He'll ask you to give him objects you bought for yourself, threaten you with a gun and start going on about how Nokia is evil or something.

Update: Jacek has taken offence to this remark which was intended as a joke. I wholeheartedly apologise and say here that Jacek never has anything evil to say about Nokia and he's never actually shot me or threatened to shoot me.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We Love You Jacek! ...NOT!

The stupidity of this man never ceases to amaze me...

my message to authors of … *watch websites

May 10th, 2006

is the following:

your hatred for me is just a repressed love for me.

… so just think about it for a while! Contemplate it.

Of course it is! Why didn't we realise that!? Maybe we should just stop writing this site so we can really show our love for

When you start behaving, we'll stop writing. Contemplate it ;)

Jacek Gets Put In His Place

After annoucing that:
Dutch are racists - not only towards non-white and Muslim citizens of their country, but also towards people from east EU although they are not distinguishable by apearance from native Dutch. Since 9 days EU citizens from east EU can work without permits in UK, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Portugal, Greece and also in the fantastic Spain. Netherlands decided to postpone decision about opening for new EU citizens till December 2006 but already everybody knows that due to elections in 2007 this decision will be negative.

The bottom line is that Dutch are racists and lack of opening to new EU citizens is FINAL AND UNDENIABLE PROOF OF THAT.

I undertstand, Adam fucking Curry that you owe your whole career, wife, daughter to 2 thigns: having US citizenship and living in Netherlands as American. No wonder that you are defending all things Dutch, however please note that you never ever was in position of Muslims and non-whites in Netherlands. I was. I know what does it mean.

...the dutch fight back:

Redhead NL says: CSB: Go fuck yourself you idiot and don’t ever give your opinions on the dutch again. It’s wrong. And please stop using the word “fuck” in every sentence. I doesn’t come over as very intelligent. And what’s up with your misplaced patriotism. The Poles are great I guess? I repeat: Go fuck yourself! And yes I know I am lowering myself to your level now.

Well said :)


Monday, May 08, 2006

MoDaCo Event: Will Jacek Show?

As you can see here, Jacek asks if he should go to the MoDaCo Summer Event. He does this every time there's an event and never has the balls to show up. Will this time be different? We think not.

However, if you actually come this year Jacek, you might just get to meet one or two of us in person ;)

Jacek In Second Life

This is just far to funny...

We all know Jacek likes to think of himself as a bit of a hard man but in reality we all know the truth about this inadequate little idiot.

Here you see Jacek in real life:

...and this is Jacek in Second Life (aka Comic Senior):

Shrek anyone?

I'm shocked!

Just when you think you've seen how low Jacek can stoop...

Whilst having a look round for Jacek's screen name on Second Life, I came across this post. More rants, I thought, so I read on for the hell of it. The I came to this post and was utterly shocked at the reply Jacek had written:

Christine wrote:Ron, this is because Jacek Rutkowski (aka Comic Strip Blogger) is a paranoiac suffering from displacement. He is “full of bullshit and LIES”, and projects that onto people who don’t humor him. I suggest ignoring him, as the negative attention just aggravates his condition and encourages him.

Jacek wrote:Christine: go buy some dildo and fuck yourself. You are boring me.
Saying something like that is bad enough in public but to a women!?

Jacek, if you're reading this (and I know you are), I'd just like to say that you are quite possibly the biggest prick I have ever had the misfortune to know...and trust me, I do know you. If I have to spend every minute of every day tracking the purile shit that comes out of your mind then I will until everyone who reads your sites knows exactly who you are and what you get up to.

You are a very sad and pathetic little man who uses the power of the internet to make himself feel big. In reality you're probably the type of guy who had numerous beatings as a child for being such a misfit and now you hide away from the world, afriad of your own shadow but still find time to take your frustration out on the peaceloving users of the internet.

Fuck off Jacek. No one liked you then and no one likes you now.

Contact Us Fixed

If you're an IE user you may have been having problems contacting us due to the code we were using for the expand/collapse bit. Long story short, <div> instead of <span>. Sorry it's taken a while to pick up on, we're Firefox lovers here ;)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Got No Life? Get A Second Life!

Jacek has and my god he can't stop going on about it.

What's even more disturbing, however, is the fact that he decided to build a lighthouse right next to Adam Curry's castle (so we're told). Could this be evidence that Jacek is now "cyber-stalking" people?