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Thursday, May 11, 2006

UPDATE: Jacek sets a trap?

Jacek is really starting to pull the bug guns out now. We recived an email from a "supporter" of JW:TR informing us of Jacek's recent post...about us :)

It said:
In case you wasn't fast enough:
and then the article was pasted into the email(below). Nothing strange there. However, I had recently checked Jacek's blog and I, nor others, had seen this post. He must have put it up and taken it down very quickly for us to have missed it. Nothing really strange there either. He may have just had a change of heart but when you read the threats he made in the article, you might be forgiven for thinking that this was an attempt by him to gain the IP address of one of the JW:TR staff. How does that work? Well, if we are the only ones who know about the "article", then we are the only ones who will click the link and trust me, Jacek likes to keep track of his visitors. He's already banned a few proxies from his blog. The other thing that struck me as strange was the IP address the email was submitted from (using our contact form): (localhost). Someone is trying to cover their tracks...

Anyway, for your enjoyment, this was what the "article" said:
my stalkers from UK

...deny that they love me, after I wrote:

your hatred for me is just a repressed love for me.

...but since they are just idiots who flame me with lies without knowing whole truth about various issues, they also don't realize what "repressed" means. In other words: their spread hatred befcause subconciousnessly they love me and of course their conciousness doesn't know about it. Yes, there is a very thin line between hate and love.

How pathetic must be life of somebody if he finds it necessary to stalk me online everyday with publication of new lies each day? Lies deduced from partial information. Abusive lies that damage my life.

Anyway my message to these stalkers is clear: if you will not remove this libel that you publish immediately, I will find you sooner or later and since we both are in the same area (EU) and I since I know UK well, you will be: a) reported to police, b) your employer will be notified about your abusive actions on the Internet, c) you will be sued with a court order. I am serious about it. If they think that they (mostly one person plus certain supporters) can hide under anonymity and publish lies that damage people's lies, then they will be badly mistaken. Enough is enough.

I have suspicion that it could be my previous stalker R.H. from Wales behind this new online stalking attempt as well, but well, we will see yet. Anyway: I am serious and you will be exposed and above a)/b)/c) will be executed.
As you can see, Jacek is not a happy bunny. What he fails to realise is that nothing we do here is illegal. We merely comment on and catalog the things he says on a daily basis. We don't like the way he treats people, regardless of what they may or may not have done in his eyes. We don't go ringing him in the middle of the night like he did to Russell Beattie, we don't make wild acusations about his sexuality and we certainly don't tell him to "go buy a dildo and fuck yourself".

Now, we may be being a little paranoid with the whole "trap" thing but we have seen how Jacek has treated people in the past and we wouldn't put it past him.

Jacek, our message to you it this: You are bluffing, we know you are bluffing. There is nothing illegal about what we do here and you are well within your rights to seek legal council and find out for yourself. How exactly can we be telling lies about you when we are quoting you and linking to the original articles? As the banner says Jacek: "we will not be silenced".

You want this to stop? Stop attacking innocent people! There is no excuse for the things you write about people and the lies YOU tell.

Oh yeah, we still don't love you and no, it's not a subconcious thing. You are right though, hatred usually stems from love but we don't hate you Jacek, we just don't care about you and we stronly disagree with the way you treat others. I think the word you are looking for is indifference.

UPDATE: Ok, it's official, we were being paranoid! Jacek didn't submit that article, it was a genuine JW:TR supporter. Still, it was a plausable assumption given Jacek's track record. Thanks to our supporter for letting us know ;)