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Friday, April 28, 2006

JW:TR Toolbar!

You may have noticed that you can now get your very own JW:TR toolbar (yes, we nicked the idea from MoDaCo :P ). It works in IE and Firefox, has a search box, popup blocker, RSS reader showing site content and a pretty poor excuse for a contact us component (not shown above)..but it works! God knows why you'd want or need it but we thought you might find it useful. Even if it's only a quick way to check for new posts and submit tips, it's still pretty handy. It's 100% spyware/adware free and if you can proove otherwise you'll get $5000!

If you want anything added to it (more search engines etc.), let us know! Oh and we're working on a way for the contact us bit to not take up as much room.

More Beattie Bashing

Not content with taking the credit for Russel Beatie deciding to quit blogging, Jacek decided to draw some pictures:

As if that weren't enough, he then decides to come up with some more reasons why he may have quit blogging:

I am puzzled why Russell Beattie stopped blogging? Here are some possible reasons:

— after years of supporting symbian he finally realized that Window Mobile is not only superior but also has future, so he realized that further blogging has no point because he would have to promote OS that is inferior and has no future - symbian.

— his boss at Yahoo told him to stop blogging because he can’t behave.

— somebody (at last) sued him succesfully and to avoid further lawsuits he stopped blogging. He published many offensive personal and corporate attacks, full of lies and offenses, so clearly many people and companies have grounds to sue him.

— his work performance at Yahoo where he works dropped very much because he simply can’t cope with blogging and working at the same time. First he switched off comments but it didn’t help, and he still had low performance, so he had to stop blogging altogether to achieve any reasonable performance at work.

— people at Yahoo realized that his blog writings violate Yahoo employee’s blogging guidelines and gave him ultimatum to stop blogging or else.

— his computer got virus and that’s why he can’t blog anymore.

— wife told him to stop blogging or else.

— he is planning/preparing to launch some new website about “mobile things according to BLIND microsoft-haters” so to concentrate on it, he had to give up his personal blog and later he will redirect from his perosonal blog to this new site.

— people stopped linking to him, so this “Russ stopped blogging” thingy is just a schtick to attract people to link to him again… and he will resume blogging after gather enough new links.

What other possible reasons you can think of? I think I have exhausted all my ideas.
Obviously it couldn't possibly be that:
...generally this is a continuation of the full-reset I started back in January. At first I was actually thinking about just transitioning to a more of a weekly blog where I write less frequently and was sort of cleaning everything up with that in mind. But then I just decided that I really needed a break, and that I'd really much rather start from scratch at another URL some other time when I'm ready to write again. Lot less pressure that way to do something new later on, and a lot easier to get out of the habit of posting daily now.
Why does Jacek always have to try and read between the lines when all that is there is blank space...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jacek Admits Censoring

After proclaiming that comment censoring means death, Jacek finally admits that he is censoring comments on his blog.

He then has the cheek to have a go at people who post anonymously when he does that on his site, blog and comic strip blog. If you even mention his real name on any of his domains it gets removed.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Russel Beattie Quits Blogging

...and Jacek thinks he's won.

Remember Russel Beattie? The guy Jacek was stalking for a while? Well now he's decided to quit blogging and of course Jacek thinks its down to him, just as he thinks coolsmartphone getting comments his down to him too.

Guess what Jacek, the world doesn't revolve around you and most people couldn't give a damn what you think.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

PocketPC Thoughts Better Than MSMobiles

As you know, Jacek rarely admits when he is beat but as you can see HERE, he actually admits that there are better sites than his out there! He even goes on to praise an MVP!!

He then says:
Please note: I have met Jason Dunn in person in Seattle, USA.
Er..what the hell has that got to do with the price of fish?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Double Standards

Jacek is full of double standards. The most recent of which has been highlighted by a JW:TR reader:


… I am seriously considering, because lately I had so many problems with Microsoft Windows, that slowly I am having enough of that all.

Of course Windows Mobile works fine with Mac OS X thanks to 3rd party software so no problem here.

But I am so angry at my latest problems with Microsoft OS that I am slowly thinking that Mac OS X may be the way out. Enough is enough. It is pathetic that Microsoft pays money to such people like Robert Scoble and is trying to cover up everything with fake blogging (Scoble in reality is being paid for blogging, his videos at channel 9 are cover up) instead of working on improvements of their software.

PS. .NET is a mess.


As you can see here, Arne Hess (who has Microsoft MVP and gets invited to Mobius despite having website with small webtraffic according to objective is again promoting Apple iPod - Microsof’s direct competitor.

And bravo Arne: why don’t you get promoting also symbian phones? or Linux phones?

Microsoft still is blind and lacks objectivity.

where Jacek promoted Apple against Microsoft and it's Ok but for Arne to say something nice about an iPod is evil.

How does that work?
How indeed.

Site News

Ok, got three great things to tell you. First off, the owner of the domain has very kindly donated it to us as he no longer has the time to keep it up to date. JacekWatch: The Return will remain where it is but if you go to you will be redirected here...which is nice :)

A friend has also offered to host a couple of files for us. This means that you will no longer have to put up with the Bravenet crap whenever you try and contact us! In fact you won't even have to leave the site.

Finally, just in case you want them, we've added MSN alerts to the syndication lineup.

Big thanks to everyone for their support, comments, tips and suggestions!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Update: Blacklisting Is Bad, Mkay

As you may have seen in our post HERE, Jacek recently exclaimed to the world that "blacklisting is bad". He went on to say that:
"if some blog or website has good original story, then it deserves linking to no matter what are personal feelings, etc."
We decided to test that theory out by releasing never before seen photos of the HTC Breeze HERE. Every Windows Mobile site worth mentioning picked up the article. We even emailed Jacek with the news but did he post it on msmobiles? Did he hell!

As you can see, more lies from Jacek but now we have undeniable proof. Let's see you talk your way out of this one Jacek.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Don't Play A Playa Fool

This just makes me laugh:
Some people create blogs and websites about me. Some of these websites are on their own domains and some other are on * (blogging service of Google). People who create it are pointing out my (alleged) mistakes and my (alleged) wrongdoings - like posting something not proper or so.

Thank you people! I don’t consider you enemies or adversaries but my friends and fans. I am very grateful and thankful. Thank you for doing it and keep up the good work!

Jacek, we are neither your friends or your fans. You really do have a twisted view on the world. There is nothing alleged about your "mistakes" or "wrongdoings". You make mistakes and do wrong, we merely point it out for the whole world to see.

I know this is an attempt by you to make us give up like others have in the past. Guess what, never gonna happen. Don't play a playa fool...


Jacek's Wikipedia Fun

We've just had a great little tip mailed into us in response to Jacek's latest Comic Strip Blog post

The email reads:
You may have noticed that Jacek's Wikipedia article was removed because it was a glamor page. In retaliations he attempted to have several other pages removed. One of which was this Madge person which he often blogs about. It was quite interesting following his IP address crumbs around Wikipedia. All of his "contributions" that I found have since been deleted from Wiki because he was deamed a "troll".

Here is one of this IP's used:
I'm glad to see not everyone is letting him get away with his idiotic actions :)

Oh and while I was on wikipedia I decided to have a look and see what I could turn up on Jacek. I found THIS deletion log.

Non-notable and vain. Just about somes the guy up really doesn't it!

Many thanks to our anonymouse tipster! You guys are great!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

HTC Breeze In The Flesh!

We interrupt your usual programming to bring you...


Yep, that's right folks, thanks to a friend of JW:TR we bring you pictures of HTC's as yet unreleased 3G WM5 Smartphone:

Update: Help Spread The Word!

We've been up less than a month and already we're getting a great response from all you fellow JacekWatchers out there. So we were thinking of ways we could spread the word about our little site...

We thought that some of you out there might like to show your support by including a linked image in your signatures. Nothing fancy, just a little image to draw interest and help speard the word.

None of us here a JW:TR are really any good with photoshop but this is our first attempt (looks better on a non-black background):

As you can see, it's not great but maybe some of the more talented of you out there could help us out? If so, drop us a line (jacekwatcher [at] googlemail [dot] com)

If you do want to use this image in your forum signature though, the HTML and BB code is below:

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

BB Code:

Update:Ok, we have a new signature graphic for y'all to use

Pretty snazy ey? ;) Code for this one is:

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

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Update 2:Here is another graphic you might like to stick in your signature:

JacekWatch: The Return

Code for this one is:


<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

BB Code:


Sex, Lies and Comic Strips

Jacek never fails to amaze me in his profound stupidity. He constantly rants about slander and libel, yet he has the audacity to accuse people of being gay and giving blow jobs to further their career and/or encourage people to work for them!

What amazes me more, however, is the fact that he seems to get away with it constantly! I'm sure reacting to his mentalist views only serves to boost his ego but at the same time, if this were me, I'd sue the prick! Sure people threaten legal action but they always seem to be empty threats. Wake up guys, damage is being done and whether he removes the offending material or not, people will have seen it and opinions will have been formed. By letting him get away with it, it's like you are openly admiting what he says is true.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jacek Says: "Blacklisting Is Bad"

Certain blogs are blacklisting other blogs…. even though they claim otherwise. This blacklisting goes deep and involves even removing comments that mention the other blogs, etc.

I think it’s bad and that if some blog or website has good original story, then it deserves linking to no matter what are personal feelings, etc. But unfortunatey this blacklisting is very widespread.

Well, you should know all about that Jacek seeing as you blacklist any site which disagrees with you!

UPDATE: Watch this space, if he wants a good, original story related to Windows Mobile then we have more than a few up our sleeves ;)


Monday, April 10, 2006

Contact Us!

As requested, you can now submit your comments/tips/suggestions from the site itself! Unfortunately blogger are very restrictive with what you can and can't do so for the time being i've had to use Bravenet which has a few ads and popups. I tried Freehostia which allows php scripts and is ad-free but the mail never arrived so i had to jack that idea in :( I might be able to host the script on a mate's server (fingers crossed) but until then you'll just have to put up with Bravenet's ads. Sorry guys!

Just hit the continue button after you hit submit and the mail should get to us.

P.S. If anyone knows of a free hosting service the supports php sendmail and is ad-free then contact us!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Forgotten Something Jacek?

We all know that Jacek likes to give the people he doesn't like (for whatever reason) abusive phone calls. Well, should you ever be on the receiving end of said abuse, then maybe you'd like to repay the favour?

Well, thanks to an email tip we just received, you might just be able to! Jacek likes to keep his name and other information private for all his domains except one,

If you check the whois information for this site you will see:
Rutkowski, Jacek

Barska 19/27/28
Wloclawek, - 87-800

Domain Name: JPZR.COM

Administrative Contact :
Rutkowski, Jacek
Barska 19/27/28
Wloclawek, - 87-800
Phone: +48694364444
Fax: 123 123 1234

Technical Contact :
Network Solutions, LLC.
13200 Woodland Park Drive
Herndon, VA 20171-3025
Phone: 1-888-642-9675
Fax: 571-434-4620

Record expires on 18-Dec-2006
Record created on 18-Dec-2002
Database last updated on 14-Oct-2005

Intresting stuff indeed.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Truth About Jacek

I truely believe that the statement you are about to see in the following picture is a highly accurate description of one Jacek Rutkowski: (click the image for a larger view)

That comment was made last December after Jacek decided to rant about not being invited to Mobius.

I used to idle in the MoDaCo IRC chat room back when Jacek used to frequent it. He was often rude, obnoxious and the majority of the time he would in fact rant about idiotic topics. If you confronted him he would just get worse until someone kicked/banned him. At which point he would go running to one of the MoDaCo mods begging to be unbanned. I seem to remember nedge2k took great pleasure in kicking the guy out whenever he stepped out of line...which happened alot.

Many thanks to an anonymous reader of JW:TR for the picture

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More Happy MVP Bashing Fun

The awarding of MVP status to some lucky hardworking individuals has - once again - pissed on Jacek's cornflakes.

As always, Jacek has handed these awards off, with some added personal bitchiness:

These MVPs are handpicked by some Microsoft employees on the basis of subjective criteria and without any transparency and usually without any fairness.

The whole MVP thing has always been a personal thing for ole' Jacek. No matter what, he just can't resist having a dig and a rant against people who have been awarded something that he will never get.

Of course, posting something like this bound to piss people off. Hence the nice, still-growing thread of angry replies from readers of MSMobiles - some of which may be fellow JacekWatchers. Let's archive them here - just in case our pal decides to go on a panicked censoring spree again.

"kupe" writes:
Ha-ha! To be internally blacklisted, Microsoft would have to know about you - or care.

I believe Microsoft reserves their MVP status for individuals who:

- Don't practice censorship on their sites
- Don't make personal attacks against Microsoft employees
- Don't possess an irrationally biased distaste for other products (Nokia much?)
- Speak the truth - not half-truths or complete fiction.

I believe you're 0 for 4 on this list. I wish their criteria were objective (whatever THAT means - you have any meaningful measures?) - it would be fun to see how low your score was.

razvandragomirescu" writes:
Nothing to see here, just the usual whining about not being awarded an MVP ... which goes to show Microsoft still has some common sense... if your readers think you don't deserve one, I am hard pressed to find a reason Microsoft should just award you one...

At this point, Jacek tries to shrug it off, saying that:one whiner is not "readers". This would have worked had it not been for the fact that he was very, very wrong when he thought that that would be the end of the angry responses... :)

"petermag" writes a good one:
Yeah, please stop the bitching about not getting an MVP award.

For starters, you are NOT *professional*. One just needs to listen to your podcast. The quality of sound varies from episode to episode. Your voice changes from "Damn, I'm sleepy, and I don't care", to "I'm going to kill some people today". On top of that when you record other people you make lots of disturbing noise. To name a few, breathing loud, making too much noise with your digital camera. That's NOT professional.

Then you do not respect the people you interview. On the interview with the girl from Handango, you twisted what she said into what you wanted listeners to hear, and not the truth. You have problems with English, and turn it again other people without them realizing.

You are not able to have one reliable podcast.

Very often, you post news that aren't the full news, and you say others only say half truth. Please look in the mirror.

Constantly bashing MVP status only makes you look very jealous.
You do not really help anyone with your website. You report news, yes, but you do little to add value.

You say MVP status is undeserved, but what the hell do you know about MVP ? You barely help anyone, whereas others do.

Then you keep on "DON'T BUY XYZ" because it doesn't have some stupid feature that most don't care. If one is to wait for the phone that you will recommend, we will be waiting until 2050.

you don't even know how to pronounce so many words. You look like a fool. Your attempts of saying "Yacht" are laughable. It sounds close to "Yawt". No R sounds. K in english is Kay, not Key (like in K-JAM).

"I'm not english native" is not an excuse. Neither am I, and I know better.

Please stick to the news and stop your little jealousy wars. That's not how you will get recognition. You are not that popular.
And finally, at the time of writing, "d0pefish" writes:
Totally agree.

He doesn't even pronounce MSMobiles properly, it's Mo-BYLES, not Mo-BEELS.

The only reason why he's "popular" is because he is very widely recognised across the internet as a crazed psychopath. People don't come here to read your "news", they come here for entertainment.

The website colour scheme, header and logo style is a direct lift from The Register. Yet you have something majorly against The Register for some reason having read your past articles.

Very, very unprofessional, very callous articles, and very silly - not to mention immature.

And stop saying "we" all the time, as if you run some sort of team. Very annoying. Everyone knows it's just you, because no-one else could write such terrible script if they tried.

I think we can see what's going on here, don't you? :)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jacek Can't Spell His Own URL Properly

As we all know, Jacek just loves to brand every single picture he posts on MSMobiles with his site address.

Even if he's stolen it from another site, and even if he didn't take it or create it.

What's more of a pity is that yesterday he screwed up. :)

Is that a typo, or is he admitting that his site is full of opinionated lies by renaming it to MSMob-Lies? ;)

What's so hilarious is the fact that he took the care and precision of making the text fade with a white translucent gradient to make it look like and fit in with the design of Windows Mobile 5.0. But nooooo, he couldn't spell it right. XD

Now, I wonder - if he does bother to correct it - how long it takes from me posting this to him posting a fixed picture on his website. Because chances are, he is reading this blog every day in an extremely paranoid fashion. :)

We love you, Jacek. <3

Looks like he fixed the picture in the same day. :) Go figure.