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Friday, April 28, 2006

More Beattie Bashing

Not content with taking the credit for Russel Beatie deciding to quit blogging, Jacek decided to draw some pictures:

As if that weren't enough, he then decides to come up with some more reasons why he may have quit blogging:

I am puzzled why Russell Beattie stopped blogging? Here are some possible reasons:

— after years of supporting symbian he finally realized that Window Mobile is not only superior but also has future, so he realized that further blogging has no point because he would have to promote OS that is inferior and has no future - symbian.

— his boss at Yahoo told him to stop blogging because he can’t behave.

— somebody (at last) sued him succesfully and to avoid further lawsuits he stopped blogging. He published many offensive personal and corporate attacks, full of lies and offenses, so clearly many people and companies have grounds to sue him.

— his work performance at Yahoo where he works dropped very much because he simply can’t cope with blogging and working at the same time. First he switched off comments but it didn’t help, and he still had low performance, so he had to stop blogging altogether to achieve any reasonable performance at work.

— people at Yahoo realized that his blog writings violate Yahoo employee’s blogging guidelines and gave him ultimatum to stop blogging or else.

— his computer got virus and that’s why he can’t blog anymore.

— wife told him to stop blogging or else.

— he is planning/preparing to launch some new website about “mobile things according to BLIND microsoft-haters” so to concentrate on it, he had to give up his personal blog and later he will redirect from his perosonal blog to this new site.

— people stopped linking to him, so this “Russ stopped blogging” thingy is just a schtick to attract people to link to him again… and he will resume blogging after gather enough new links.

What other possible reasons you can think of? I think I have exhausted all my ideas.
Obviously it couldn't possibly be that:
...generally this is a continuation of the full-reset I started back in January. At first I was actually thinking about just transitioning to a more of a weekly blog where I write less frequently and was sort of cleaning everything up with that in mind. But then I just decided that I really needed a break, and that I'd really much rather start from scratch at another URL some other time when I'm ready to write again. Lot less pressure that way to do something new later on, and a lot easier to get out of the habit of posting daily now.
Why does Jacek always have to try and read between the lines when all that is there is blank space...