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Friday, April 21, 2006

Jacek's Wikipedia Fun

We've just had a great little tip mailed into us in response to Jacek's latest Comic Strip Blog post

The email reads:
You may have noticed that Jacek's Wikipedia article was removed because it was a glamor page. In retaliations he attempted to have several other pages removed. One of which was this Madge person which he often blogs about. It was quite interesting following his IP address crumbs around Wikipedia. All of his "contributions" that I found have since been deleted from Wiki because he was deamed a "troll".

Here is one of this IP's used:
I'm glad to see not everyone is letting him get away with his idiotic actions :)

Oh and while I was on wikipedia I decided to have a look and see what I could turn up on Jacek. I found THIS deletion log.

Non-notable and vain. Just about somes the guy up really doesn't it!

Many thanks to our anonymouse tipster! You guys are great!