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Thursday, May 11, 2006

UPDATE: Jacek Making New "Friends"

It seems Jacek continues to piss people off in the virtual world now too! Is there no escape from him!?

… because it may be somebody who pretends to be friendly but later publishes total lies about you, together with some screenshots from Second Life (SL), on his blog. Example: R.H. from Wales, UK. I thought that he is just one of many residends of Second Life who are friendly in 99% of cases, and I was friendly to him too. Now he writes such lies as: “He’ll ask you to give him objects you bought for yourself, threaten you with a gun” - I never did any of these things - my SL account has more money than I need and I do things usually myself instead of buying. I used guns only on my own objects - trying to shoot down my own starship. Several people in SL also gave me for free things after I said “oh, cool machine!”.

R.H. from Wales, UK: you are bad, evil person. Stop lying!

To all Others in SL: be very careful whom you meet in Second Life. Talk openly ONLY with people whom you are sure about that you know them also in RL (Real Life). That’s why when I am meeting a pair in SL, and they wanna use “chat” (public, all people in vicinity in SL can overhear) insert italic tags instead of “IM” (private, only the person to whom you chat in SL can hear/see), then I say clearly “no, I talk one to one to people”. Pity that there is no “group IM” - so when I am in a place where 15 people are located, I could talk privately only to 2 of them at the same time…
If you know who this R.H. person is then get in touch! We'd love to see what he's writing.

UPDATE: R.H. is Richard Hodges aka Tankerx. What did he write that was so bad?

If you ever meet this chap (alias Comic Senior), run. He'll ask you to give him objects you bought for yourself, threaten you with a gun and start going on about how Nokia is evil or something.

Update: Jacek has taken offence to this remark which was intended as a joke. I wholeheartedly apologise and say here that Jacek never has anything evil to say about Nokia and he's never actually shot me or threatened to shoot me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was jacket's dream life screen name? Maybe you can google it.

6:12 am, May 08, 2006  

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