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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jacek Comments

Before we get started, I think it's time for some more reiteration:
Jacek, this site has nothing to do with any of the original sites of a similar name to this one. Nor do any of the original people behind those sites have anything to do with this one. Furthermore, nothing we do here is illegal and your threats of legal action don't phase us in the slightest.

You may be wondering why we've had to mention that yet again. Well...

Jacek has decided to start commenting on our little site and emailing people who he believes to be working here. We freeley admit that on a couple of occasions our posts may have "gone a bit too far" but then these posts have been written to reflect Jacek's actions which, in the opinion of most, also go too far.

You can check out what Jacek had to say in comments 1,2,5 and 9 HERE

Sorry Jacek but until you stop doing what you do, we won't stop doing what we do.