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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Libel From Jacek

As the title says:
regarding Paul McCartney: his current wife that he is divorcing is just a GOLDDIGGER who married him for money! If it would be otherwise she would give up on Paul’s money but she will obviously not do it. So we have a proof here. There was no prenap and it was clear for everybody but not for Paul McCartney. D’oh! Everybody knew it for months if not years…

Daddydowse replies:

CSB. you dont know heather mills. Therefore do not name her a “gold-digger”.

the lass has had a hard enough time as it is being hounded by the media. You also do not know what financial agreement the couple have and that there is a child involved here.

You opinion is not your own, it is one fed to you by the media. Have you met her? Talked to her? Seen the fantastic work she does for charity? She has used her profile to a positive end.

Is it fair that a lass from Newcastle, just because she comes from a not so well off background, is hyped by the media as somekind of money whore just because she aspires to better herself?

Shes a bonnie lass and a canny lass, so gerroff her back man!

Us Geordies must stick together.


try reading this:

then check some links. Her profits from her books going to minefield victims charities? the works done to stop animal fur trading? shes a fucking awful person isnt she!

Jacek then replies:
Daddydowse : she’s a gold digger and no question about it. Whether she came from chavvy family or posh family is not an argument.
We didn't write that Jacek, you did HERE. Now who's the "criminal scum"?