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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Are You Retarded Or Evil?

...that's the question Jacek ask's this poor fellow who dares to disagree with him:
Mr. strip blogger, you are wrong again! The European Broadcasting Organisation has nothing to do with the European Union. This ’song contest’ has become a joke over the years,quality is not important any more,that’s why so many Eastern ‘European’countries entered the final supporting each otherthe communist way. Very few people in the old coutries watch this shite apart from the elderly and the homosexuals. Have you watched it? ;)
Finlands contribution was the only competitor worth winning ,a monkey could have predicted the outcome..
BTW,you are almost 98 % bullshit on air,Roger is the real STAR.
Jacek replies:
REAL EUROPEAN : are you retarded or evil? Nowhere I have mentioned that Eurovision is organized by European Union. Europe is much more than just European Union - Russia and Ukraine are also Europe.