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Monday, July 24, 2006

That'll be war then!

Well, we expected some kind of reaction from Jacek about the logs nedge2k sent us but we didn't expect this...

First there was this:

About nedge2k = Alex Abraham

July 24th, 2006

nedge2k (known in real life as Alex Abraham) until recently was writing for website owned by Marc Pell. Seing that he has no chances to get MVP just writing for, he moved to owned by Paul O’Brien. At Modaco there are already 3 MVPs: Paul O’Brien, Awarner (Ashley Warner) and Monolitix (Chris Brunskill)… so by being active news writer for Modaco and forum contributor for Modaco nedge2k wanted to get MVP quickly (much faster than at website). All people mentioned above are located in UK. Please note: I never had problems with nobody from above mentioned people - nobody except for nedge2k. All these people - except for nedge2k - were very OK - very helpful and friendly and very useful not just for me as Windows Mobile fan, but for whole Windows Mobile community (end users and activists) without being negative, etc. My only problem is nedge2k and HIS nasty behavior.

I have never written anything negative about nedge2k in public - never ever. The only place where I mentioned nedge2k was in positive light: in news stories that linked to articles about windows Mobile (see point 8 below). I was someteimes expressing in public (like on this MPF blog) some general remarks about people - without mentioning any names - remarks that nedge2k all of a sudden thought, that they are directed at him. These remarks were directed at MANY people, also at some people from USA and other countries than UK. So despite the fact that I have NOT mentioned nedge2k by name in public, he started spreading libel about me in public by sending this libel through email to libel blog for publication, and by posting it in comments on other blogs.

Furthermore I have a principle that I NEVER EVER publish private emails and private instant messaging (I.M.) communication. So poeople can talk by email and by I.M. with me without any limits and without any fear and people can be certain (!) that I will not publish these private communications (whether email, I.M., phone calls, Skype calls, video calls, whatever) - NEVER EVER, NOWHERE.

Unfortunately nedge2k is one of those b@stards, who are violating netiquette and publishing private communications in Internet - however FALSIFIED AND MISREPRESENTED. Anyway: ALONE publishing private communications like I.M. and emails clearly indicates that given person cannot be trusted. in other words: nedge2k (Alexa Abraham) is a mentally unstable person that cannot be trusted because one time he is friendly towards you and next time he may publish private chats with you and falsify them to make you look bad.

In the world of journalism - in which nedge2k - is trying to be active - publishing private communication is also total “no no” because it equals to “revealing sources” and means that such person cannot be trusted anymore.

Please note also that not only nedge2k published FALSIFIED AND MISREPRESENTED private communication but also he was many times throwing general insults at me in blogs, forums and IRC sessions - insults that were uncalled for - I have not published on any websites anything negative about him - never ever.

One of principles of giving MVP is that candidate for MVP should behave properly in public and that candidate for MVP should NOT make personal attacks on other people. This principle nedge2k clearly violated by carrying out many very personal attacks on me, so if principles of awarding MVP will apply also for nedge2k, who clearly strives to get MVP, the nedge2k by attacking me personally in many places and spreading libel about me, has thereefore forfeited chance to get MVP.

Furthermore it is worth noticing that it was not me, who “wanted something from nedge2k” but it was the other way around - nedge2k was contacting me many many times FIRST: he was publishing articles at and many many times contacting me by email and by I.M. and asking ME to link to his articles by making news stories with links to his articles or to articles of other guys at! Interestingly ALWAYS I was complying to these requests from him and I was doing it - always. I never refused these requests of his to publish links. I did it not just only because I had no bad will towards nedge2k but also because I always support Windows Mobile activitis.

As I mentioned above in point 8 I was linking to articles/reviews/news stories written by nedge2k - whenever he requested it (it happened many many times) or whenever I considered such stories to be interesting from the point of view of Windows Moblie phones. Therefore you can see that not only I never criticized or published anything negative about nedge2k but I was good for him. Personally, as an editor of a website about Windows Mobile phones, I never received anything from Microsoft - neither MVP award nor invitation for Mobius conference - despite me publishing huge amount of information about Windows Mobile phones and providing massive support to Windows Mobile phone users in comments, podcasts and private emails. Many people confirmed that their main reason of chosing Windows Mobile phones as their next mobile phone was reading my writings about them. It is obvious that I have contributed positively to popularization of Windows Mobile phones - yet I have not received ANY advantage or gain or benefit from Microsoft. The only clear explanation why nedge2k was attacking me with libel is: jealousy that that website about Windows Mobile phones for which I am writing is so popular - so pupular that he even was finding it necessary to request links to his articles many many times. He cannot be seriously jealous of me getting anything from Microsoft however - because I never received from Microsoft anything. Of course I may be wrong and his attacks may have other background - for example r@cial - after all recently number of my compatriots living in UK (where nedge2k also lives) exceeded one million and some extremists in UK are throwing r@cial slurs at my compatriots because they think unjustly that my compatriots are taking away jobs from them (what is not true - according to all studies they contributed positively - also in business area by business creation and not just by providing cheaper labour, that is eager to work harder and longer hours). Anyway my compatriots are just excercising the right of full mobility - one of 4 basic laws of all EU citizens and UK is a part of EU. I also clearly remember that nedge2k said that he doesn’t like that so many new EU citizens come to UK and take away jobs from him - so r@cial motive cannot be excluded. The bottom line however is: I don’t know for sure what are true motivations of nedge2k - the fact is that he as activist in Windows Mobile community (mostly in Modaco community) is also spreading libel about me and is attacking me personally - despite that fact that I have not done/published anything negative against him before.

Since nedge2k has crossed the line and published FALSIFIED AND MISREPRESENTED private communication between myself and him, since nedge2k has been spreading libel about me - both things happening without me ever publishing anything negative about nedge2k before - I was forced to write something about him above, and soon - to contact various people and report his wrongdoings further to various people.

nedge2k replied with this:

The other day, Jacek Rutkowski from published an article on his blog titled MVP wars. In it were many abusive attacks/comments directed towards individuals in the WM community. I believed one of these attacks to be aimed at me after certain conversations I had with Jacek over MSN. I warned Jacek after previous attacks where he had named me publically that if he did anything like that again, I would send some of my MSN logs to Jacekwatch2, a site dedicated to exposing Jacek’s wrongdoings. At the time, Jacek apologised and all was forgotten. He then posted his MVP wars article so I sent my logs to JW2.

The guys at JW2 have now posted an article about this HERE. Jacek has also posted a retort on his blog HERE.

In Jacek’s post he calls me a racist, acuses me of falsifying the logs and spreading libel. This is untrue. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a racist, my step father was from Lebanon FFS! The only parts of those logs I edited were the MSN addresses and as for spreading libel…how can’t it be libel if it is a direct quote of what he has said? It’s no secret that I stongly disagree with Jacek’s behaviour but I just ignored it until he started to attack me and tell lies about me. The man is a menace to the WM community. He is only part of it for what he can get out of it and this is clear from the things he writes. I have been helping people in the WM community for many years on subjects that Jacek can’t even begin to understand (although he likes to claim he does) and unlike him I have no alteria motive for it. It’s called community spirit. People helped me in my early years in this community, now I’m helping them. Simple as.

I know I’ll never hear the end of this from Jacek and he will probably continue to attack me but to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t bother me. He is a bully and nothing more. I’m not scared of this excuse of a man and I won’t take his crap lying down. If you want a war Jacek, you’ll get one.

Jacek replied with:

Mentally ill

July 24th, 2006

Imagine how completely insane and mentally ill the Alex Abraham = nedge2k must be: he says something like this “in post ‘MVP wars’ MPF didn’t mention me by name, but I BELIEVED that it was about me, so I felt compelled to publish libel and private communication about him”.

Alex Abraham = nedge2k is obsessed on me and he is simply mental. Imagine that somebody would write some general article, WITHOUT MENTIONING ANY REAL-LIFE NAMES (like I did with ‘MVP wars’ article) and all of a sudden some mental would think that it is about him and he would start posting libel everywhere! Impulse for Alex Abraham = nedge2k to start spreading libel about me was the fact that he BELIEVED that some text that had no names at all - was about him. This is mental. Alex Abraham = nedge2k is mentally ill, he is an insane creep. Mental!!! I think I have proved it 100%.

nedge2k replied:

As the title suggests, I’m not mentally ill :) Jacek seems to think I am though. Shame on him.

Jacek replied:

fruitcake Alex Abraham aka nedge2k

July 24th, 2006

I hereby call Alex Abraham aka nedge2k to publicly announce that:

— he will reject MVP if it will ever be proposed to him - otherwise all his claims that he doesn’t want MVP are bunch of lies.

— he has absolutely nothing against new EU citizens coming to live and work in UK - otherwise this what he told me in private (i.e. raci@listic claims that he doesn’t like all those new EU citizens coming to UK because they take away jobs from him, etc, etc) would mean that his is a r@cialist or maybe even r@cist. Otherwise I will have to report him to police in UK.

Also please note that Alex Abraham aka nedge2k is person that cannot be trusted because:

— he publishes private and FALSIFIED communications on internets - you should never ever talk to him over instant messaging or emails because he stores and records everything and then, once this fruitcake will think that you don’t love him anymore, he will start publishing all private things, of course falsifying it such a way that you always will look bad.

— he publishes libel and lies about other people, including using vulgar names, calling names, accusing people of unmoral behavior without presenting proofs, etc etc - thus he doesn’t deserve ever becoming MVP because lack of personal attacks is required from MVPs.

— he is mentally ill (a fruitcake) because he started publishing libel about me when I published GENERAL TEXT WITHOUT USING REAL NAMES because he believed that this text is about him although his name (and any other real life name) was not mentioned in this text at all.

nedge2k replied:

In yet another rant about me, Jacek continues to call me a racist, spouting something about a private conversation we had about new EU citizens. Strange, I don’t remember them? He continues to call my MSN logs falsified, when he knows they are not. He’s now saying i’m publishing libel an lies about people. Oh and apparently I’m still mentally unstable (a fruitcake as he puts it).

Jacek, you’re acusing me of all these things and yet you fail to provide proof, as usual. Come on Jacek, you’re the "big man" who always has proof of everthing about everyone, where is it? Don’t make up stories about me to cover your own ass Jacek. People can see what you’re doing.

Oh, by the way, I’ve spoken to my solicitor. He informs me that I am well within my rights to take you to court and unless you remove the lies about me on your blog, I will. Heh…I’m starting to sound like you now. One difference though, I’ll actually do it.

Jacek replied:

fruitcake Alex Abraham aka nedge2k

July 24th, 2006

… still keeps attacking me and keeps spreading libel. Please note: if you see some texts signed by “nedge2k” or Alex Abraham on the internets, then keep in mind that this person is totally not be trusted - a psycho who started attacking me just because he thought that some my text where there were no real names included (also his name was not included - no names at all) was applying to him. He is totally mentally insane. Alex Abraham aka nedge2k is a parasite of Windows Mobile community - a useless piece of fruitcake.

How mentally insane somebody must be if he thinks/believes that some generic text applies to him even though his name is not mentioned? How mentally insane somebody must be if he thinks that some generic text, without any real names, is a reason to start attacking people and spreading libel, lies and accusations!? Totally mental fruitcake!

nedge2k replied:

For those of you wondering who Jacek Rukowski is, he goes under various names to hide his actions. He is known as:

  • MSMobiles
  • MSMobiles_wiseacre
  • MobilePhoneFan (MPF)
  • ComicStripBlogger (CSB)
  • JPZR

Now, if you google a few of these names, you will see that Jacek has a history of abusive behaviour towards others. He has been racist, he has threatened violance, he has lied, he has stolen, he has stalked people…the list is literally endless. Unfortunately, he seems to get away with it because people refuse to stand up to him. Some do though, one of them was Russell Beatie. He stood up to Jacek but now he has stopped blogging and the original story seems to have gone but there are still referances to it all over the place. Like HERE for example. Oh and THIS google search has alot of nice links. There is also a huge ammount of imformation on JacekWatch2 and a rant about him by an ex-Jacekwatcher HERE. The man is a nasty, vile piece of work. He is a cancer on our community.

...and for now, that seems to be it.