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Monday, July 24, 2006

The MSN Logs!

As promised, here are the logs we mentioned in previous posts. They come courtesy of nedge2k who had this to say:
"Over the years, Jacek has been abusive towards me both in public and in private. As you'll see at the bottom of the second chat log (July 06), I kinda lost my rag with him and warned that if he attacked me again, you guys would be getting a few chat logs. Although he didn't actually mention my name in his "MVP wars" post, it was kinda obvious who one or two of the remarks were aimed at, as you can see from the logs. Jacek has already made threats about what he'll do if the logs get published to me and others but as you can see, I'm not gonna let him bargin his way out of this one, as he does with others.

Finally, I'd like to say this (before Jacek starts calling this "fake" or "libel"): The only parts of these logs I've edited are the MSN addresses. As much as I dislike Jacek, I'm not about to start handing out his MSN address to everyone, or mine. Also, my only reasons for contacting Jacek at all were to inform him of news items. I did this so he would give us the credit before he stole the news item from us. Jacek has always said that he will not give credit to anyone for a news story unless they inform him of it I did."

Anyway, here are the logs (and a couple emails):
Jacek (June 06)
Jacek (July 06)
Email (After the last conversation in the July 06 log)
Email (After Jacekwacth published my intentions to send them the logs)

As we've said previously, some of the things Jacek said are pretty outrageous, even if they were in private conversations and the threats he has made against us, well, looks like we might have to set our lawyer on him!

Many thanks to nedge2k for letting us publish his logs! A few other people have also sent us logs/emails but unfortunately, Jacek made a deal with them and they asked us not to post...which is fair enough.