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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jacek drops the ball...again

As predicted, Jacek didn't turn up to the MoDaCo meet. However, he did decide to post about it and the fact Orange decided to publically showcase some of their as yet unannouced devices, giving very little credit to MoDaCo in the process (surprise, surprise).

So anyway, not wanting to miss an oppourtunity to steal a story from others, Jacek swiftly went off half cocked and posted about Orange's version Samsung i320...only it's not an i320. No, this device had 3G, a forward facing camera and what Jacek thought was a scroll wheel. In actuality it was just a plain old d-pad but the facts never stop Jacek from trying to get one over on "the competition".

Now, in a situation such as this, any self respecting and supposedly profressional website would have waited for MoDaCo to release the information and then post about it, giving full credit to MoDaCo in the process. Afterall, if it weren't for MoDaCo setting up the event, no-one would actually know about these devices until Orange decided to announce it. It's bad enough he didn't bother to check his facts in the first place but to disrespect MoDaCo like that...

Anyway, here's Jacek's "half truth" and here's MoDaCo's "whole truth". Oh and here's another where Jacek's taken it upon himself to announce the other devices and again give absolutely sod all credit to MoDaCo. I especially like the way he refers to the event as "Windows Mobile Community Event" instead of the MoDaCo event. It's not difficult to show a bit of tact and professionalism in matters such as these but somehow Jacek alway fails to do so.