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Sunday, July 02, 2006

(yet) More MVP Bashing

Jacek has posted an article on his main website,, about two new MVPs: one who, in his eyes, is undeserving and another who is...
There is over 70 people, who currently hold MVP award in area of Windows Mobile, but most of them are either inactive or haven't contributed anything worthwhile in period of last year. Unfortunately Microsoft's awarding criteria still are dodgy and unjust.

Jealousy anyone?
While it is true that among MVPs in Windows Mobile area there are plenty of people, who are very deserving and helping the community to big extend, it is true also, that there are vile people among Windows Mobile MVPs too, like for example that lawyer who (himself having MVP in Windows Mobile area too) was sending threatening letters/emails to other MVPs (and to non-MVPs) to remove photos of upcoming phones from their websites and threatening with lawsuits, or certain other MVPs who are publishing anonymously libellous blogs about other MVPs (and about non-MVPs) on the * blogging service. In reality there is big competition among MVPs and some of them don't like each other very much and use underhanded tactics to eliminate competition. Please note: we know exact details about all these underhanded tactics (including names and URLs) but we are not publishing it intentionally to avoid further quarrels among Windows Mobile MVPs.

Jacek, you know jack-shit about anything to do with Windows Mobile, let alone about MVPs. We know how you like to brag about all this information you claim to have about this and that but it's all bullshit. If you really had information about anything, you'd post about it as that is what you do. Oh and before you start bragging about being the only person in the WM community who got invited to that HTC event in London...plenty of other people got invited, even we got invited but you were the only idiot that thought it was important enough to go to. Not that you went to it of course. No, instead you were stupid enough to pay Lutz to go in your place and not even get decent photos. What's even funnier about that is the big deal you made about it on msmobiles saying it was an exclusive when everyone else had posted about it days before.

Anyway, you still don't get it do you? You want to be an MVP so badly and yet you constantly attack people for no good reason. You'll never be an MVP Jacek. No-one likes you in the WM community. Sure, you have your deluded fans in the podcasting community but we're sure as soon as they realise what fools they are, they'll hate you too.



4 Pre-Haloscan Comments:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Please note: we know exact details about all these underhanded tactics (including names and URLs) but we are not publishing it intentionally to avoid further quarrels among Windows Mobile MVPs."


He goes an calls all the MVPs who don't create podcasts lazy, but then cuts out actual proof (I mean, assuming it is valid proof, something that is FACT as opposed to the opinions of his squirrelly little mind) to 'avoid further quarrels'.

W.T.F. 'I don't want you fighting amongst yourselves, but I'll call you all lazy.'

5:50 pm, July 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sour grapes

6:56 pm, July 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacek has put himself in the situation where Microsoft simply cannot make him an MVP without looking like a completely idiotic and amoral bunch of morons.

He's done it to himself, in the same way as he has brought the pressure of attack on other websites upon himself. He was warned that heavy censorship of comments on his blogs would result in the comments going elsewhere.

And now? He cries like a big baby.

10:46 pm, July 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the truth will be revealed soon on what Jacek speaks of. Yes, he is whining again for the umteenth time, boo hoo. However, I am amazed he withheld the URL he referenced.


3:00 am, July 07, 2006  

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