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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

After posting on to inform Adam and his loyal readers that our quarrel with Jacek will no longer be infringing on their enjoymentment of Adam's podcast, we came across the following:

Elaine says:
Well, as a non-member of the Jacekwatch crowd but not appreciating him either, I’ll be curious how this plays out on DSC. All politics aside, I simple do not enjoy CSB’s contributions. His language is gratuitously foul with no benefit of humor or emphasis. His comments are banal, often outright offensive and uninteresting and his voice grates on my nerves worse than that stupid mind control stuff Adam played a while back. Maybe I’m the only one who finds his “contributions” lacking value to the show. I can always listen to other podcasts I suppose. I’d sure miss hearing Patricia though. :)

To which Jacek replied:
Elaine: the fact is that Roger Smalls is a physical real life stalker, who was coming near house of Adam Curry and sniffing on him and his wife in real life, etc. His comment may sound amusing sometimes, but he is doing it at cost of other people, i.e. by damaging other people. Your only if not main motivation of your negative comments about me is thinking that I am jealous of Roger Smalls or something, that I am not - and if only he would not be publishing libel against me and my compatriots I wouldnm’t mind him at all. As far as my audio comments being interesting or contributing enough - well, many people find them unique and valueable and interesting… and sometimes totally unforgettable. Unlike Roger Smalls who lives with his mum whole life in one place, I am travelling a lot and I was living in various countries (6) and speaking various languages (5) - so I have some broader point of view than some other people. Finally I don’t force AdamC to play my audio comments at all - actually as I told him before: if he will stop playing my audio comments in given month, I will stop sending them and I see no problem with it - after all it was AdamC who invited me in past to send these audio comments in first place.

So chill out, Elaine, and stop judging me on based on your ignorance.

Erm...did you see Elaine mention Roger Smalls? No, we didn't either. Anyway, Elaine replies:
Jacek, this may come as somewhat foreign to you but I have grown up in a free country all my life. I am accustomed to free speach and free thought. Freedom from having anyone else tell ME what my thoughts mean and why I hold a certain opinion or what my motivation is. Did I say one word about Roger Smalls in my comment? No. I expressed MY OPINION in a calm and neutral manner regarding what *I* think of your contributions. The fact that other people, even YOU, hold opposing views does not change my opinion, nor does it make mine invalid. If I judge you at all, it is based on exactly the sort of condescending, erroneous, racist and sexist type of tripe you spew. Your response to my comment would be a perfect example. You have now made libelous and unverified and ILLEGAL accusations about another person and you continue to go out of your way to be offensive. You are a very petty and small minded human being.

Jacek replies:
Elaine : it is me who is “petty and small minded”? YOU YOU YOU were posting libel about me in comments to various blogs BEFORE I answered above to your comment, so it is in fact you who is petty small minded ignorant bigot.

Racist and sexist? WTF? Elaine: stop spreading lies again.

Lies? What lies? To round things off, The Deleted Turnip had this to say:
The problem many people have with Jacek has little to do with what he does here, or even his Comic Strip Blog (although that is often quite offensive); It’s his blog and commercial site ( where he accuses women of getting good jobs based on their husbands’ string pulling, calling for people to be sacked just because he disagrees with their ‘design decisions’ and outright abuses people who Microsoft has recognised as being key contributors to its software and hardware product communites.

It wasn’t fair on Adam Curry that things should spill into this forum, but just so that people get a background into the frustration many have with Jacek, it’s only fair to explain - and don’t take my word for it, it’s all there for you read for yourself. Calling people drunkards, calling people shit, publishing their names and photos with a brief ’synopsis’ of their ‘qualities’ (for example -> ), declaring whole nations as boorish or a European disease (Finland and France - which would be funny in a comedy context, but Jacek is serious). It goes on.

While you can maybe blame JacekWatch for being childish in bringing the argument here, you can’t blame JacekWatch for the sheer frustration of having every post that questions Jacek’s motive censored and replaced with ‘libel removed’, even when you know, hand-on-heart, that there was no libel… and it’s worse again when Jacek claims that there is no censorship at all on his site… and that what he removes is exactly the same as what he puts on himself.

Anybody who dares to disagree with Jacek get blasted out of a website for being evil and anti-Microsoft. Let the facts speak for themselves, and (if you’re interested in the truth), do some research of your own but I’m glad that it’s died down here.

Over to you Jacek…. anything to add?


4 Pre-Haloscan Comments:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i hope jacekwatch do stay away from , if he wants to play jacek coments on his podcasts its his right to do so without some retard posting comments on his site , which ARE your readers and dont say they are not . Have you ever thought if you just ignore him 100% he will disapear ? jacek loves being talked about so you on this site and your readers posting on are only keeping him going , i dont think you want him to stop being a prat because then you would have to have a normal life , if jacek wants to know who is behind jacekwatch then all he has to do is look at a certain post on this site which has photo shots with a watermark on it with 2 site names, simple really..

9:12 am, June 13, 2006  
Blogger JacekWatcher said...

You are, as usual, adding 2+2 and getting 5. Just because the source of those pictures is a MoDaCo fan and a JacekWatch fan, don't assume the two sites are related as they are NOT in any way.

Also, what part of WE will not post did you not understand? We never said anthing about our readers. They can do what they like.

Now stop being a barking little Jacek fanboy and piss off or we will start deleting your comments. Your grasp of this whole situation incredibly poor and you have no idea of the damage this man does to other people's reputations.

9:42 am, June 13, 2006  
Anonymous Elaine said...

Thank you Gentleman (if ladies, please accept the sentiment). I am not a techie, I'm not on the MS forums, I have only experienced Jacek via the Curry podcasts. I certainly understand the incredible damage Jacek has done to people in those venues but I don't have first hand knowlege of all that. What I do have first hand opinion on is his manner on in it's entirety. I'm also not a Richard Bluestein fan, but I can abhor what Jacek tried to do to him. Roger is a harmless funny person getting through life just like the rest of us. I will not tolerate Communist-minded bigot bullies. On a professional note, what I am is a RN with psych experience. There are diagnosis for what that sicko does. Really, a little Thorazine could go a long way Jacek.

10:27 am, June 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please do not bring the good name of modaco into this as there is no connection at all with the forum and what you suguest to remove the comments would be a good idea .keep up the good work guys

10:31 am, June 13, 2006  

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