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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jacek vs Roger

Jacek is up to his old tricks again with Roger Smalls. This time he has threatened to report him "to police in Guildford for spreading racial hatred towards Polish people"

So what has sparked this off you ask? Well, Roger decided to defend himself and of course we all know that if you defend yourself to Jacek, it only makes things worse...
comic strip blogger now wants to sue me for being racist and call the police. i find this very confusing

"be careful about what you write because racial-based hate speech is forbidden in UK and your writtings with lies attack not just me personally but also my nationality what can be considred as something that applies in the new laws designed to combat racial hatred speech. In other words: you broke the UK law, Roger."

i fail what i have written being against poland. i love poland and the loose rules aobut pornography they have. if anything i am upset with this miserable dive of a country that I'm stuck in. i dont hate poland. just you and your creepy kebab shop owners voice. you are nasty to poeple who i love. i have far too many other legal worries to be concerned with right now, this time prison wont frighten me. if you want to sue me for any money then good luck as i have none. ironically the most expensive thing you could take would be my new nokia. i have googled you and noticed that you say the nastiest things about people, when they defend themselves (like my post yesterday) you claim they are rasist and threaten to sue them. but i dont have anything in life for you to take, i am already over 9 thousand pounds in debt. so if you want a proper mobile phone that badly just go out and buy one rather that carry on acting like a knob.

"I will not report your to police and not sue you Roger - out of respect for Adam Curry"

i would love to be a fly on the wall with that conversation:

CSB - Hello police? I would like to report a crime

999 - Whats the emergency?

CSB - Someone said that I like buggering goats on a blog

999 - Holy crap. Where are you sir for such a henus crime to occur? We'll call out the swat team right away as this is a matter of national security.

CSB - thanks. i couldn't sleep at night knowing that people out there actaully have me down as a goat-fiddler.

999 - Yes, i'm so glad you reported this major catasphory to the police, i bet that you must be concerned that Adam Curry has lost respect for you though.

CSB - absolutly. Now I'm off to rim a ewe.


9 Pre-Haloscan Comments:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see Roger's blog is offline. Please tell me this isn't Jacek's doing.

If it is, then it shows that Jacek Turkowski has nothing to say about free speech when he himself condemns and destroys the lives of others but refuses to accept the right of the truth to be spoken!

He also has nothing to add to a community with his cancerous and parasitical shite. He is the shame of the internet and he represents all that is wrong with modern humanity. Everything that plagues mankind is in him.

He is selfish in the extreme. He insists that everybody should hear his voice but nobody should hear the voice of a dissenter. Well done this site! People across the internet's wide spectrum of users appreciate the voice that this website offers!

If Jacek, the racist pig, wanted to sue Roger for racist comments (which he never even made - he just called Jacek, for a joke, a Goat Fiddler... seems to have hit a nerve there where something that is obviously not true suddenly seems true thanks to jacek's own actions), then he must face up to his own racism. he has already said that if someone is American or British, her is more likely to help them in a given situation. What that means is that if you're African, Japanese or German, he is less likely to help you. there's a word for that, it starts with R.

Jacek Rutkowski, I know you're reading this. If you are ever found to be behind the shutting down of any website, you will forever have the same reputation as the Chinese Government; shutting up the voices of dissention and disallowing anybodfy the right to criticise in terms that actually reveal the truth of what a scum bag you are. You had no credibility before this, but you will never have it back now.

You are the worst person on the internet. You are a Nazi. You are a little dictator. You are the personification of all that sucks.

Sigh..... I feel better now. Thank you JacekWatch, whoever you are (I'm happy not knowing)

9:45 pm, June 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If CSB could take down a website then why has this site now been shut down?
Another retarded post by JacekStalkers

10:23 pm, June 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how you don't defend him on any points made in the first comment eh?

10:46 pm, June 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the returded person who defended Jacek, he has the name and address of Roger Smalls and has reported him to the police on false accusations.

Gladly, he doesn't know who runs this website so the little parasite can't get them.

Go think a little - you may find it helps.

10:48 pm, June 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Comment #3 you said 'Funny how you don't defend him on any points made in the first comment eh?' I didnt defend because i was disgusted by the lies contained in that post but now you have seemingly implied challenging me, well then your on.

1) 'I see Roger's blog is offline' That is most probably the polices doing.

2) 'He also has nothing to add to a community with his cancerous and parasitical shite.' Nothing to add? Have you seen how many people like CSB in the Adam Curry's Daily Source Code? They don't think its parasitical shite they laugh at how funny he is. If you truly have a problem with CSB be more vocal about it instead of hiding and attacking. What happened with the IRA before Ireland was split. They attacked who they thought was wrong and they were classed and still are to this day Terrorists. Your gaining nothing right now buy posting all of this and many people who i have spoken to in Second Life are starting to consider you Cyber-Terrorists of Comic Strip Blogger.

3) 'He insists that everybody should hear his voice' WRONG. In Second Life he has always listened to what people say. DOES HE TAKE OVER DAILY SOURCE CODE? NO HE INSISTS HE ONLY SENDS IN COMMENTS!!!

4)'If Jacek, the racist pig, wanted to sue Roger for racist comments' He said more than that FUCKING goat fiddler post. That was the last fucking straw. Over the past two weeks he has continued to attack CSB when CSB has been very kind and not said anything but sorry.

5) 'What that means is that if you're African, Japanese or German, he is less likely to help you. there's a word for that, it starts with R.' To be honest Africa would not do shit and most people in the world know it. Its full of communism. They dont give a fuck about the starving people there, they only care about themselves. Japanese i would not know too much about but they probably would not understand CSB. Also i have never been fond of Germans but thats due to the war. Yes the R words and that is Really Smart. You however are Retarded and Evil

6) 'You are the worst person on the internet. You are a Nazi.' That is fucking wrong YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH. GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER. No one in the fucking world should call anyone that. Nazi's were heartless and killed millions and millions of people and for you to say that you might as well have shitted all over the Nazi Killed bodies. You know what i was starting to listen to what you were saying but that one SINGLE comment has made HATE you lot. So now i have decided from now on im going to do what you fuckers have done to and that is To attack you on every point. Heck i might start up a website called JacekWatchWatchers.

7)'Sigh..... I feel better now. Thank you JacekWatch, whoever you are (I'm happy not knowing)' You feel better knowing your terrorising an innocent man?

Also for those who are not as cold hearted as the first anonymous poster please consider this. Its like what Adam Curry and Patricia Paay said. At first they did not understand why CSB was like what he was. But after a while they got it and they appreciate what he was saying.

10:54 am, June 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You still have a thing about Germans then? Well, you have company with CSB. The rest of the world, however, has moved on.

12:06 pm, June 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: The comment before last

Have you seen what he does in the Windows Mobile community (his primary area of operation)?

He has accused women of reaching good positions in a company because their husbands pulled strings.

He has publicly called for the sacking of people like Russell Beattie, Robert Scoble and various others simply because they did something he doesn't like.

He has publicly proclaimed that the Nokia CEO is a drunkard (you think it's not serious?) based on the fact that he saw him drunk one night (on those grounds, the whole of the UK are drunkards).

He has made statements questioning the sexual orientation of verious people who run communities which are in direct competition with Microsoft. Like, what's that got to do with anything? Who cares if someone's gay or not? Jacek cares!

He has published photos of people and called them criminals with no evidence whatsoever.

When discussing a technology or a technology reviewer, his assesment of that person is heaviliy influenced by their ethnic origin. Why? If don't care if someone's black or white, European or friggin' martian as long as they write good reviews.

He is acheing to obtain the MVP award for his work. If sheer quantity was the the only criteria, he would have won. So why do you think that Microsoft hasn't given him the award? He insults, derides and loathes those who Microsoft has recognised and attempts to get them removed despite their positive contribution.

He has accused people of selling out by receiving gifts from Microsoft (free flights to conferences, free mobile devices etc) yet he has received similar things from other companies. Why is it different?

All of this can be seen on his blog and his commercial website. Just look and you will see (I have provided a small number of links below); (personal insults against Arne Hess)

How can someone like that be respected?

12:19 pm, June 11, 2006  
Blogger Elaine said...

Well, with support like that, I'd say Jacek keeps like company. The scary part is that they can still reproduce. {shudder}

7:32 pm, June 11, 2006  
Anonymous Mark said...

Yes.. They can reproduce.. and produce what? little goats?? :D..

10:27 am, June 19, 2006  

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