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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

There's a new blog in town...

At first we didn't see a point in yet another blog dedicated to exposing Jacek. We thought we'd been doing quite a good job at that ourselves but this new blog is about ComicStripBlogger (CSB), one of Jacek's alter-egos. Now, regular readers will know, we here at JW:TR are firmly grounded in the WM community and rarely venture into the podacasting community where Jacek has been lurking as CSB. Hence why we think a blog dedicated to "CSB" is a good thing and it helps takes some of the pressure off us too ;)

Head on over to and show your support! Oh and a few tips for whoever is behind that blog: Change your comments system to haloscan to avoid the spam from certain small minded individuals. Sort out some way of letting people contact you with tips. Get a stat counter so Jacek can see how many "fans" he has. Get some decent syndication sorted, RSS is your friend. Oh and loose the blue bar at the top ;) Good luck, you'll need it!