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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Jacek Defense

You've gotta admire Jacek's flair for talking his way out of things. If he can't win, he'll change the subject, blind you with random crap and if you call him on it, he'll just take you round and round in circles until you get bored and give up. If that fails, he'll use the "generalisation defense": no names mentioned = generalization = not hurting anyone. Wrong! Some of his posts are obviously NOT generalisations and are obviously written about/aimed at someone specific. However, as he "doesn't name names", he can argue it's a "generalisation" and the victim can't do bugger all. Now, what kind of person could come up with a plan like that? Well, when you've spent as long as Jacek has pissing people off, you have to learn a few tricks to keep the angry lawyers at bay...